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Living Things

Living Things

Product Specifications
Language English
Audio Format Audio CD
Number Of Discs 1
Cricket Syndication Prod
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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Its Linkin Park Thing!!! 16 June, 2014 On
    First of all, I AM A HUGE LINKIN PARK FAN.
    I actually preordered this album back in april and just lost in the echo it made! so, I am late to review this.
    First thing first, Flipkart is awesome, they delivered it on the exact date of album release worldwide which given me the opportunity to listen it with the whole world first time. Big Big thanx for that Flipkart. And one more thanx to its replacement policy, coz they replaced my album with another one coz its cover was broken and craked from places. I also got Big Poster with it, actually two times, which pleased me a lot and now my room double shows my fantacy! :-)

    Regarding album, what to say! actually I have no words for it, it is that awesome. As promised by Sir Chester, it is different from previous albums of LP. I found it very much hard to define its genre, It feels like electronic but dominated by alter. Rock. It actually defines the signature mithology of Linkin Park Of making songs HATKE! Their song is itself a different genre. I love that.

    As fellow fans already described all the songs, let me review The video's of the singels.
    Burn It down is the video which really burns down the whole LCD screen of the HDTV. the effects created in the songs are really awesome. I once saw an episode on Discovery/Nat Geo regarding making Virtual clone and this tech was used in making the video. It is really really hard to render a digital 3D image of whole body from actuall body that too from all angels and directions. And the afterwork is even tipical creating real looking Flames and sparks. That is just Mind BLOWING!!!

    Second came was the video of Lost In The Echo. It is another masterpiece of High Level Digital editing. It really shows the words of the song. The emotion was popping up with lyrics, and I really liked that

    Latest release is the Video of Castel Of Glass. This video was made to promote the Game "Medal of Honor" with clips taken from the game. I am not much into High End Gaming but after looking at that video, I was left wondering, which clip was real which was taken from the game. AWESOM AWESOME AWESOME! The video mainly shows a walkthrough of the life of an american fighter but the way it was shown is different and I really really liked the video.

    So in the end, just click on buy now, and pull up ur headphones and dive into the world of LINKIN PARK.

    Still waiting for their live show experience!
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