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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard
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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

Lowest online price: 7,735
Interface USB 2.0
Connectivity Technology Wired

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Overview: Logitech G13 Advanced

You can dig in, take command, and stay informed with game-changing comfort and control. Or an LCD gameboard that gives you game-changing comfort and controlmdashwherever you go. Keep clued-inThe GamePanel LCD displays information like live stats, system info, and communications from fellow players. Learn more about the gear that gets you there.Pick your colorCustom-color character backlighting lets you personalize your gameboard to match your computer and gaming gear.With a GamePanel LCD, 25 programmable keys, and a naturally-contoured design, this gameboard gives you game-changing comfort and control.High-visibility GamePanel LCDYoursquove got easy access to tactical information, including live stats, system info, and communications from your fellow players. Learn more about GamePanel.25 programmable keysYou can customize keys to suit your style of playmdashand even assign complex actions to single keystrokes on the fly.Backlit keysYou can customize the keys with any backlight color that you want. Easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play.Programmable mini-joystickThe control you need is under your thumb so you can maneuver quickly and easily.Public software development kit (SDK)You can upload the latest enhancements developed exclusively for GamePanel by the Logitech open-source community.Naturally contoured designIt follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessions.Large, concave buttonsYou can locate buttons by touch on the home row.Solid, stable designYour gameboard will keep up when your game gets intense. Strategically placed feet. Stable weight (650 grams).Onboard memoryIt saves your profiles so you can take your personal preferences with you.Portable designThis portable gameboard keeps the game going wherever you go.

Features: Logitech G13 Advanced

  • Low surface friction
  • Consistent surface texture
  • Matched to Logitech G sensors
  • Stable rubber base
  • Multi-layer construction
Product Details
Manufacturer Logitech
Brand Logitech
Model Number 920-000946
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 3-year limited hardware warranty
Technical Specification
Interface USB 2.0
Operating System Windows XP/Windows Vista
Connectivity Technology Wired
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 599 grams
Product Dimensions 28.4 cm x 23.1 cm x 8.9 cm

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Gamers, this is a must have 30 August, 2013 On
    Using this gamepad for more than a year now and I feel great about it. Let me walk through some of the practical things which u will have to know before deciding on going ahead with this.

    Who SHOULD buy this

    1. First person shooter gamers, arcade and race gamers
    2. People who indulge in continuous gaming for more than 5 hours
    3. People who frequently have their forearm and fingers pain after gaming
    4. People who are not comfortable with the standard keyboard and mouse setup
    5. People who have a decent space before your computer to have this keyboard setup in ergonimically favourable position
    6. People who normally have 3 to 4 games in computer and play differnt games based on the mood.

    Who SHOULD NOT buy this

    1. People with small hands (guys this gamepad is bigger than raser nostromo)
    2. People who are very much used to standard keyboard controls till now
    3. People who dont have additional USB ports in the computer
    4. People who are not serious/dedicated about gaming - if you play games just for fun, for not more than an hour occassionally, then this may not be good for you.
    5. People who mostly end up in playing low profile games which doesnt need much serious control

    What do I play? - Crysis 3, Call of Duty, Medal of Honour, NFS, GTA, Battlefield

    First of all, this keyboard is bigger than Raser Nostromo (a competitive alternative available in market for similar usage). The ergonomical stand point is also different from Raser nostromo as Raser will be more "mouse like" ergonomics where the hand bends and curvature is a bit high. This setup may be suitable for people with small hands. But if you have medium to large hands, then i would suggest go for this as this style is ergonomincally better than raser for normal hands.

    Best Features:

    1. High reduction in ankle strain and finger pain. Beleive me guys, my kill rate and left right navigation is much better even after 4 hours of gameplay

    2. Profiles can be stored in the on board memory and key settings can be linked to the respective games. So, when u use w for forward in game A, and use same w for shooting in game B, you dont end up in changing the settings each time but all you need to to is just store the profile in the onboard memory and click on it to activate it. if you link the game exe to this software, it will automatically switch to the needed profile and no manual intervention needed.

    3. Control customization on computer rather than on gamepad - this means that the controls can be easily modified or changed from the computer itself and not needed to do anyting on the device

    4. Joystick supporting the left thumb is very easy when comes to navigation. The sensitivity is good and can be modified if needed.

    5. LCD Panel backlit with clock and profile names

    6. COlourful with lot of customizable features - especially when u play in the dark

    7. Excellent grip. Your hands wont slip since the keypad is heavy unlike nostromo and has a very good grip.

    Few things which needs improvement:

    1. The top set of keys are not easily accessible. Some times you may need to stretch your fingers more to reach the buttons
    2. It would be great if this is wireless. Though it has a long wire, its always to have it wireless to improve gaming experience
    3. Logitech can give a simulation software before purchase of this. Customers can try whether their hands wil suit this style and then decide on purchasing it.

    Overall, this is a great game pad. Pratical fact is that since it is a new methoodology of approaching gaming control, you may have to get used to it. Play games in easy difficulty for onece or twice in this gamepad and then once u feel you have gained the confidence on the controls, then go live with Hard difficulty. Its ok to lose couple of times inorder to get used to this gamepad. Beleive me, its worth at the end you will have lesser strain to your hands. If you are a gamer passionate about all the points given above, i suggest you to buy it since it is dam worth for the money.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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