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Logitech 920-006401 Protective Keyboard Case
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Logitech 920-006401 Protective Keyboard Case

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Product Description

Your keyboard will stay safe with the smart Logitech Type-S Keyboard Case for Samsung Tab. This one is designed to give you utmost satisfaction while handling the product. It is particularly made for tablets and has a display size of 10.5 inches. It looks elegant due to its design but is quite sturdy. For added protection, this one comes with a soft interior that adds to the protection of the tablet display. Therefore your tablet will look like a new one for a long time.

Design and material:

The designers have crafted this keyboard case with high quality material so that it stays with you for a long time. You won't have to remove the cover while making a call or using the phone. This one is quite durable and it offers excellent shock absorption and abrasion resistance. This one is extremely sleek and comes with wrap-around edges that will protect the phone in case of accidental falls. The designers have also used high quality material to craft this case cover. It comes with an advantage over other material as it is durable and adds sturdiness to the product. The leather cover is anti-skid and is wear- resistant with smooth grain. The inside is made of micro fibre that protects the mobile screen perfectly. This one will shield your tablet against daily wear and tear such as scratches and bumps. Therefore your phone will look like a new one even after long use. This one looks classy as it comes with a matte finish. It is extremely easy to install and remove as it comes with precise cut outs. This one comes with an anti-slip design and therefore you will find it comfortable while handling it. Therefore it comes in handy when you handle it in a rush or hurry. It comes in a compact shape and therefore it will easily slip into your pocket. It is available in a striking gold shade that looks elegant and will surely turn heads.

This Logitech Keyboard Case for Samsung Tab looks sturdy and will protect your phone in case of accidental falls and scratches. This one comes in useful when you are in a rush or in case you accidentally drop it. It is made of superior quality leather and therefore you can handle it easily as it won't slip away. Therefore you will get a stronger grip. This flip cover has round edges that makes it completely user friendly. This one is also ergonomically designed so that you feel comfortable while using it on a daily basis. It is light in weight.

User friendliness:

With this thin light protective case, with built-in Bluetooth keyboard you can keep your tablet safe on the go and type emails documents and Google searches with laptop-like speed and accuracy. The Case Cover for keyboard comes with quiet keystrokes so that it doesn't disturb people around you while you are fiddling with the device. The soft touch keys let you type with ease. As a result, your arms will not feel the strain even after typing for a long time. This one is ergonomically designed so that you feel comfortable while working or while playing. This one comes with a built in stand that allows you to watch movies, your favourite movie clips or pictures comfortably. Shop online now for this product and enjoy the benefits that it brings with it.

The designers of the brand have crafted it from superior quality material that adds to its sturdiness and therefore it will bear the wear and tear of time. It will also survive harsh weather conditions. This one is perfect for using it on a daily basis. It is sleek and offers a complete protection to the corners of the Smartphone and further protects it from the scratches, knocks and shocks.

This one is portable due to its light weight and it hardly adds any weight to your phone. Therefore you can use it easily when you are on-the-move. It is crafted with precision so that you can use your phone without removing the cover. This comes with easy installation and is a must buy for all tech savvy people.

Maintenance and Longevity:

With little care, this Logitech Keyboard Case will stay with you for a long time. In case it has dust on its surface, wipe it with a piece of cloth and it will shine like a new one. Using harsh chemicals and strong solutions will affect the quality of the product and reduce its long life. With little care, this will stay with you for a long time. Even though it looks sturdy, this one is extremely light in weight and therefore it is easy to carry as it will easily slide in your pocket. On unpacking the box you will get 1 piece of Logitech Type-S Keyboard Case for Samsung Tab can be easily installed. You can shop online for this product from the comfort of your couch and avoid the crowded place. Apart from getting it for yourself, you can also get it for your friend if he/she has Samsung Tablet. Once ordered, this one will be delivered at your doorstep. Buy online now for this product and enjoy the benefits that it brings with it!

Features at a glance:

Crafted from superior quality material

Ergonomically designed for easy handling

Scratch and shock proof

Compact shape, light-weight and portable

Precise cut-outs that allows easy access to camera, volume buttons and charging ports

Easy installation and removal

Product Features

  • Logitech gaming mouse
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Designed for gaming
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 748.4 grams
Product Dimensions 2 cm x 19.2 cm x 25.9 cm

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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