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Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Wired Keyboard (Black)
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Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Wired Keyboard (Black)

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Product Description

Logitech brings to its consumers the elegant and classic K100 PS/2 Wired Keyboard. This wired keyboard is the perfect accessory for your computer. Compact in design, this keyboard comes with an arsenal of features.

The Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Wired Keyboard (Black) has a firm design that does not utilize too much space. It has a majestic black finish provides enough space to accommodate other electronic devices such as your mouse, speakers, webcams and other connection wires. Its spacious layout offers for a hassle-free, and seamless operation.

Spill-Resistant Design

One great feature of the Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Wired Keyboard (Black) is that it is spill-resistant. Often, we spill coffee or water accidentally on our keyboards while working which lead to permanent damage of the keys and the keyboard overall. However, this Logitech keyboard has been designed to protect the keys from liquid spills by draining the liquid out of the keyboard.

Physical Specification

With a giant number pad, you can now enter data in an effortless manner. The keyboard also has eight additional shortcut keys that enable you to perform different functions such as playing or pausing videos, launching an internet browser, etc. Moreover, the keyboard is easy to install and comes with a lift stand. You can adjust the lift stand as per your preference.


The Logitech K100 Classic PS/2 Wired Keyboard (Black) supports PS/2 connection and is compatible with most computers. Because of its slender design, you can position your elbows and wrists neutrally for efficient typing. Moreover, it is 29 x 17 mm in size, so you can easily carry it to your work place.

Overall, this keyboard is a perfect product to own as it delivers in terms of quality and performance. To purchase this product, shop online and we will have the keyboard delivered to you at your doorstep.

Main Features

Compact, Space-Saving Design

PS/2 Connection

Spill-Resistant Design

Thin Profile

Product Features

  • It is compact and space saving to leave you with more valuable work space
  • The spill-resistant design provides protection in case of accidental spills and allows liquid to drain out of the keyboard
  • A thin profile helps place your wrists in a neutral position for a more comfortable typing experience
  • This full-size keyboard has a standard layout with an integrated number pad, so you can work without feeling cramped
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 153 grams
Product Dimensions 45 cm x 17 cm x 2.9 cm

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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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