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Diana F+ Glow

Diana F+ Glow

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Overview: Diana F+ Glow

It is important that you understand the necessity of having a detailed understanding of the features and the different operations of the product that you wish to buy. Such a thing ensures that you always buy the products that are most reputable and gives you best services in exchange of your valuable money. In case of the Diana F+ Glow camera, you must keep in mind a few important things to consider. One of the most striking features of this camera is the fact that it glows in the dark. All you will need to do is to charge this camera with light and you will see for yourself. These cameras have been specially designed in a lot more advanced manner in keeping with the 1960's model of the cult camera. The quality of images that you can capture in the Diana F+ Glow will be nothing short of dreamy and bright.

Much like the famous cameras of the past, you can expect that this camera is going to produce medium format images, only on a more advanced and high-end level. You can rest assured that the Diana F+ Glow images will always carry a rather lo-fi quality about them. In addition to that, these images will always leave you nostalgic with their vibrancy and their almost plastic beauty. It is impossible to be able to appropriately comprehend the Diana F+ Glow experience without starting to shoot with them. There are certain other factors and features of this camera that you must consider as well. One very impressive Diana F+ Glow feature is the fact that they have multiple as well as partial exposure technique in built within the body. Another Diana F+ Glow feature that one cannot afford to give a miss is that they make two different image sizes available to the user. These image sizes could vary and either be shots that are full frame or square images that are smaller.

The various additional features of the Diana F+ Glow experience does not, by any means, end there. If you are looking to buy this camera you must be aware that this camera will provide you with two different shutter speed. These shutter speeds are namely 'N' for when it is daytime and 'B' for when it is nighttime or even unlimited outdoor exposure. Some of the other routine features are also considerably heightened in this camera that pleases any shooter. The ones that are worth mentioning are the removable lenses used principally for pinhole shutter lock functioning and the tripod thread that you may or may not use. This makes the whole experience of pinhole photography much better. The Diana F+ Glow camera also has a flash that has been provided with a color filters of gel that can be used for color splashing. You are also provided with a Diana+ Flash Adaptor, which enables you to capture standard and most routine hot shoe flashes.

Some other information also come in handy in order that you remain prepared during the time of buying the Diana F+ Glow model. One package contains only one model and it comes with an attractive one year warranty from the company. The common color in which this camera is available in the market is a dazzling yellow that becomes a statement wherever you go. It is not a particularly extravagant buy and the company has placed a fairly reasonable price range. Inaddition to these invaluable information you should also know that the dimensions of this product is 12.5cm x 7.6 cm x 9.5 cm. The price at which the Diana F+ Glow is sold is just about the amount that any passionate shooter will be willing to pay for the Diana F+ Glow experience.

Features: Diana F+ Glow

  • Two shutter speeds - "N" for normal daytime or "B" for unlimited indoor and nighttime exposures
  • Two image sizes available -12 full-frame shots (5.2x5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images
  • Flash with color gel filters for color-splashing Diana+ Flash Adaptor (to use with standard hotshoe flashes
  • Multiple and Partial Exposures
  • Removable lens for Pinhole Function Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread for solid long exposures and pinhole photography
Product Details
Manufacturer LOMOGRAPHY
Manufacturer Part Number HP700GLOW
Brand Lomography
Model Number 573
Colour Name Yellow
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12.5 cm x 7.6 cm x 9.5 cm

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