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Losing It !: Making Weight Loss Simple

Losing It !: Making Weight Loss Simple

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Pan Macmillan
About the Book: Losing It! Making Weight LossSimple You have probably tried losing weight at some point in yourlife,or at least thought about it. Well-meaning andwell-intentioned articles, websites and experts give out advice onlosing weight through the latest research, super foods or followingmagical weightloss techniques. This complicates the process andgives out conflicting information. What is lacking, then, is acoherent how-to which provides you with the pros and cons ofhealthy foods and foods which have healthy claims attached to them,beverages and exercise. Losing It! fills in this gap with tips that are easy to tie intoyour daily life, resulting in long-term weight loss while gainingin nutrition and fitness. Faced with stores full of choices and the demands of a busylife, how do get together a balanced meal? What foods have emptycalories and which ones really help you? Is bread bad for you?Should you not eat rice? What are the healthy choices you can optfor while eating out? Do ... See more
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