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Lotus Herbals SPF 15 Lip Therapy, Vanila

Lotus Herbals SPF 15 Lip Therapy, Vanila

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Overview: Lotus Herbals

Take good care of your lips with this smooth and soft lip balm from Lotus Herbals. Following the traditional home remedies to keep the skin of your lips healthy is little inconvenient and would consume your lot of time. To make your work easy and simple try this Lotus Herbals SPF 15 Lip Therapy balm and keep yourself free of all the concerns relating to your beautiful lips. There are various reasons which causes crake or chap lips. Excessive climatic conditions can cause a harm to your lips. It is very important to take care and use right products to protect the skin of your lips.

Enrich The Quality of Your Lips.

This Lotus Herbals SPF 15 Lip Therapy has many such properties which will enrich the quality of your lips. The UV rays of sun can prone to discoloration or crake may also cause to bleeding or pain. Application of this balm your lips will be protected from all those harmful UV rays due to the accurate portion is of SPF15 will take of this concern. It is very essential to provide proper moisture for healthy looking lips. As it will add, extra charm on your beautiful glowing face. The skin of your lips are very sensitive and unlike other body parts it does not provide natural oil. So it very imp to embrace your lips with softness and smoothness.

The Healing Therapy

. This healing therapy from Lotus Herbals is with Shea butter and Kokum butter. Shea butter is highly effective in curing many skin problems such as small skin wounds, blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, insect bite, chapped or cracked lips and many others. Other highly effective ingredient used is Kokum butter. Kokum is fruit which is from Garcina Indica Tree. This fruit is used when it ripe and the pulp of it is used to add sourness in many recipes to substitute tamarind. The kernels of this kokum fruit are highly rich in essential acids and the extract of it is used as rich butter. Kokum butter is used for product such as lip balm, lotions and soaps. Apart from Shea butter and Kokum butter other ingredients like Mint extract, Cocoa extract, Cherry extract, Rose extract, Chocolate extract and Vanilla extract is used to make this effective therapy for your lively lips. Cocoa butter used for pharmaceutical products, toiletries and for various ointments. It is also known as theobroma oil which is pale-yellow in colour. Cocoa oil is an edible vegetable fat which is extracted from cocoa bean. The extract of this oil adds the quality of smoothness and softness to your lips. You can apply this lip balm twice a day for better results. You can glide the stick on your lips and continue maintaining softness. This lips balm will work as therapy to keep your lips rehydrate throughout the day. It will protect your lips from dryness and would heal completely. To get one for yourself, all you need to do is log on to Junglee and avail some of their fabulous offers. You can also sift through the wide range of health care products, read customer reviews and check on availability to make a more informed online shopping choice.

Product Details
Manufacturer Lotus Herbals
Manufacturer Part Number SP-7756
Brand Lotus Herbals
Colour Name Nude
Theme Beauty, Lip Balms

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     Tackle Dry Lips with Mint Lip Balm 23 December, 2013 On
    We tend to lick or bite the lips due to extreme dryness (especially in the winter months). This habit will also lead loss of pigmentation from the lips and the face. I’ve experience the same issue a couple of years back and now use a lip balm regularly. I highly recommend the use of a good lip balm like this although it is slightly on the pricier that other lip balms. This lip balm leaves the lips feeling baby soft with a refreshing mint scent!
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