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Love in Revolution

Love in Revolution

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Language English
Contributor(s) B R Collins
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Love in Revolution

Love in Revolution! That's sound like a passionate romance with the backdrop of war! Yes, it is. It is a story of a period characterizing intense war filled with romance, brave, betrayal, passion and of course, the typical revolution! It is a war time story of two girls who fall in love passionately with each other during a vigorous revolution. It is all about the unraveling experiences and bitterness that the major character of this book experience, love, bitterness, betrayal, separation, etc.

Skizi, a girl from gypsy community attracted Esteya, the girl who was protected by her brother Leon, a part of revolutionary community party of the kingdom. While Esteya's brother offer ultimate protection to his family during the revolt, Skizi was forced to disappear! As the story unfolds, when the love blossom between these two girls, revolution separated these two girls and Estaya was forcibly relocated with her family. After relocation, Esteye encountered roaring emotions filled with bitterness on finding her way to find the missing Skizi!

The story unfolds with a beautiful script. A zikindi boy defeats the king of the communist. While everyone was shocked including the king, Estaya's brother Leon was happily surprised at the power at the bravery of the boy who could actually able to defeat the king. The meeting of an extraordinary gypsy girl by the well-mannered Estaya and the further development of romantic escapade has been narrated exceptionally! While Estaya believed that her brother's influence and commandment in the communist party would save them, she was betrayed! Was she able to find peace and her love Skizi after all odds? Read the book and get enlightened.

Author B.R. Collins is famed for her many books, from Traitor Game, The Broke n Road, etc. This is one of her classic masterpieces with brilliant interceptions of the scenes, portrayal of the characters, expressions of emotional turmoil and a beautiful line of war and passion carried all over the book. As you read the novel, you will encounter a beautiful and unexpected romantic tale blossoming between the two young girls. Falling in love at the tender age of 15 with a gypsy age and the following emotions are quite difficult to execute. Her skill is excellently crafted in these two characters! Get your copy now and order the book at for buying the book at lower rate! Love in Revolution, a must to read!

The ISBN Code of the book is 1408815702.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date August 29, 2013
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited
Contributor(s) B R Collins
Binding Paperback
Edition 2013
Page Count 320
ISBN 10 1408815702
ISBN 13 9781408815700
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 13.1 cm x 1.8 cm x 19.7 cm
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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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     Title says it all, really... 11 December, 2013 On
    Love in Revolution is a wartorn story about two young girls who fall in love during a revolution. One girl, Esteya, is protected by her brother’s status in the Revolutionary Communist party, and the other girl, Skizi, is a shunned peasant in a minority called the Zikindi. I couldn’t believe how accurately the title captured the story, as Esteya discovers love, betrayal, and fear during a revolution.

    I found the opening scene to be the most powerful part of the book. This is where Esteya learns Angel Corazon is a Zikindi boy who defeats The Bull, a celebrated Pello player. B.R. Collins has created an entirely new sport along with her fictional city, which I pictured to be like a cross between tennis and handball. The excitement, exhilaration of the townspeople, frustration of the players and tense nature of the game are all captured wonderfully and launched the book off to a strong start. The writing is excellent and it’s clear B.R. Collins is skilled at her craft.

    The romance was done beautifully and set off a believable romance between two very young girls, who may be in it for two different reasons. I haven’t read many books that featured a lesbian romance, but this one was beautifully developed. I somewhat found Esteya’s young, 15 years of age kind of difficult to believe, given the intimacy and belief of being in love with Skizi, but it explains her naivety and somewhat limited view of the world.

    Given it’s setting in a fictional place, it was a little difficult to relate to the characters and what was happening in their world, without any prior background knowledge to what was going on and why the revolution is happening. It’s clear that B.R. Collins wants to focus the story on the experiential aspect of a revolution. The writing was done really beautifully and its clear B.R. Collins is skilled at what she does.

    The revolutionary struggles within the book and communist notions reminded me of a younger, stripped down version of The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simmons, but without all the rich world building and struggles of the war between real countries in that book. Older readers who might find the lack of detail of the world in this book might find The Bronze Horseman to be a suitable alternative.

    Love in Revolution is an important story to tell, exploring the issues surrounding how a Communist uprising happens and what the villagers and citizens experience. It explores how a relationship between two young girls can develop, and how each can be in it for different reasons. I found it to be a refreshing, important read for younger YA readers, and its a relatively innocent way to introduce the concept of same gender relationships. Books like this are difficult to rate, as the lack of ‘world building’ and character development sort of made it hard to connect with, but I hope my review can give you an informed decision on whether you should read this or not.
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