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Luft Creations - Wooden Baby Cradle
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Luft Creations - Wooden Baby Cradle

Size Preemie
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Overview: Luft Creations - Wooden Baby Cradle

This Luft Creations - Wooden Baby Cradle is designed in the tradition of vintage furniture pieces. Made of high-quality wood, this cradle is a melange of elegance and usefulness. It is quite sturdy, and therefore can be used for years. Even after your child outgrows this cradle, you can store it as a reminiscent of the good old days of his early infancy. You can also put the old stuffed toys and other accessories of your kid in this cradle; a look at them will surely fill your heart with instant delight any time.

Add a quirky touch to your nursery

This cradle is a wonderful example of craftsmanship. The waxy polish on it augments the beauty and elegance of this cradle to a considerable extent. The curved lines, and eye-catching ecru bedding make this piece of furniture even more alluring and stylish. This cradle from Luft Creations is available for online purchase in India. You can buy this cradle on the internet and get it home-delivered. A small task prior to your online shopping will make your buying decision wiser and smarter. Just consult to know which retailer sells your chosen baby cradle online, at the cheapest possible price.

The product works well for quite a diverse age group

This Luft Creations cradle is intended for kids that fall under the age group ranging from zero months to two years. Note that, when your kid is mature and physically developed enough to stand upright without anyone's assistance, you should not put him in this crib. In case he stands up, and in trying to escape the enclosed area, clambers up the walls of this cradle, he might fall off and get injured.

Special anti-lock pin to stop the rocking motion and revolving wheels

This cradle comes with a thoughtfully designed anti-lock pin, which lets you stop the rocking motion of this cradle and make it stationary. It also has four revolving wheels that make it easy for you to move this cradle from one room to another.

Features: Luft Creations - Wooden Baby Cradle

  • 0 Months +, 23 x 46 x 37 inch, A Heirloom Cradle!
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Size Preemie

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