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Overview: Luminous 875 Va Inverter

Now it's time to bid farewell to the hassle you face when there is a power cut. Luminous brings to you an exotic inverter that is laden with amazing features. This advanced solution provides you with power backup during load shedding so that you can complete your work peacefully. So, if you are looking for an inverter that combines functionality and style, then Luminous 875 VA Inverter is the right choice.


Enjoy your work at the time of power cuts with this Luminous Inverter. It comes with a micro controller based design to ensure easy handling of this machine. This machine also features intelligent thermal management that enhances its longevity and also ensuring reliability so that the inverter is able to deliver top notch performance every time. It comes in white shade with blue highlight. The machine is portable and can be kept in any room of your house. Its compact size makes it fit in small place. It is high stylish in appearance and can add a lot to the entire look of your home.

Characteristics of this inverter:

This high end machine features pre-loaded battery management software, which ensures that the inverter is charged enough to give a power backup when there is a load-shedding. It also ensures quick battery charging. It can get fully charged within 6 hours. Its cutting-edge battery management ensures reliable performance. The advanced features allow you to run PC for hours when you have power cut at your home. It gives you the opportunity to run other electrical home appliances as well. Fans, refrigerator and lights can be powered by this small machine. It also features overload with auto reset, which makes sure that machine is switched off automatically because of overload and once there is reduction of load, the system gets reset. This feature protects the home from short-circuit issue. It is designed in such a manner that it ensures negligible battery water loss so that you can make use of this device for a longer time.

Strict quality measures have been followed while designing and manufacturing this inverter so that it is safe and secure to use. It also features ultra-fast short circuit protection so that you can ensure that all your appliances are safe and secured against voltage fluctuations. Other important features of this inverter are battery reverse polarity protection and battery deep discharge protection. These ensure that the device will last for years to come.


Very little maintenance is required as far as this useful inverter is concerned. You can wipe the dust and dirt accumulates on the surface of the inverter by using a soft and dry cloth. You can keep the inverter covered so that it remains clean. It is best to check the battery water loss once in a month to ensure quality performance of this product. Place the inverter on a supportive and suitable base so that it sits perfectly on the base and there is no fear of the device being fall down. Keep it away from water or heat. So, if you want to get rid of the problem that you face while load shedding then you can buy Luminous 875 VA Inverter online.

Features at a glance:

Intelligent Thermal Management

Micro-Controller Based design

Pre-Loaded Battery Controlling Software

Quick battery charging

Easy to use

Easy to maintain

Features: Luminous 875 Va Inverter

  • Micro-Controller Based Intelligent Control Design
  • Pre-Loaded Battery Management Software
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection

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