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Lumix Regular Dxe LPDX01 Food Processor - White

Lumix Regular Dxe LPDX01 Food Processor - White

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Overview: Lumix Regular Dxe LPDX01 Food Processor - White

A multipurpose food processor is like a gem in your kitchen, it can blend, grind, slice, juice and mix almost every dietary substance. Lumix the renowned kitchen appliance brand has brought to your service one such food processor. The Lumix regular Dxe is given a 650 watt powerful motor to provide a good churning experience to the food material. Spillage and leaks take place very often with food processors. However, this regular Dxe is fitted with a helical locking system that provides a double safety protection preventing any such unfortunate spillage from happening.

The crafty motor of this food processor makes use of triple pulse action which causes the food to percolate towards the blades more efficiently, giving at an effective result. The 1.5 liter blending jar provides ample space for a larger quantity of food to fit in. The processor also has the capability to knead dough. So now get fluffy soft chapattis without giving in much of your time and effort.

The complete package also comes with two stainless steel grinding jars for an additional purpose. The blender jar and the processing bowl are made of an unbreakable material and won't get damaged very quick. Citric fruits are a rich source of vitamin C that contribute to immunity development and cardiovascular health. So to help you get your fresh glass of Orange and sweet lime juice, this regular Dxe from Lumix comes with an attachable citrus juicer.

With a series of blades and jars, this Lumix Dxe food processor is a complete bundle of kitchen assistance you could get. The processing conducted by this food processor is versatile and variable giving you a tranquil experience inside your kitchen. Regular Dxe multifunctional food processor from Lumix is available on the internet and all you will need to do is make the right choice and order yourself this food processing marvel.

Features: Lumix Regular Dxe LPDX01 Food Processor - White

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