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Lux Sandal and Cream Soap

Lux Sandal and Cream Soap

Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Lux Sandal And Cream Soap

Our skin varies in sensitivity at different parts of our body. A hand wash that cleans your hands would do just the same with your face, but you would never use it as a face wash would you? A hand wash is not really made for sensitivity, which is why you would not wash your face with it.

Our skin accumulates a lot of dirt and grime throughout the day. Believe it or not, the oil and sweat that cover our skin actually protect our skin for the dust and other. However, too much of this oil can lead to skin breakouts. But little to no moisture would also be problematic, which is why choosing the right kind of soap is important.

The Lux sandal and cream soap is targeted at cleansing and soothing. Men have thicker skin which gets oilier than women. However, this also means that they need more moisture because once the soap strips away the excess oils, there's nothing to keep the moisture intact. The Lux sandal and cream soap has moisturizing oils that will take care of that problem.

The slight fragrance will not mask your masculinity so men, you may rest easy after buying this soap. After all, sandalwood is a very alluring scent, the women agree.

The soap is ideal for women too. As the 'cream' in this Lux cream soap suggests, the soap has milk cream that will improve your skin tone with regular use. You can see the uneven skin tones disappearing and all the blemishes vanish.

Moreover, your skin will also be brighter and softer. That's certainly a good enough reason to smile at the start of the day, don't you agree?

Product Details
Manufacturer Lux
Manufacturer Part Number instock
Brand Lux
Model Number MI00011
Target Gender Unisex
Item Package Quantity 1

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