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Format Audio CD
Artist(s) GOTYE
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Product Description

Making Mirrors by Gotye is the third studio album released by the artist. The album contains many popular soundtracks including 'Somebody that I used to Know'. It won many accolades including 2013 Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album and platinum certification. The music featured in this album spans many genres and this offering is likely to attract people from all walks of life. This album with diverse kinds of music will add variety to your music collection.

Meaningful LyricsMaking Mirrors by Gotye features various songs with deep meanings attached to them. The songs also convey a story and have connection to the human life. The hit song 'Somebody that I Used to Know' is based on the human relationships and break ups, while the song 'State of the Art' is about a secondhand organ bought by the lead singer Gotye's parents. Various songs define different experiences of human life and therefore are meaningful. The album will be liked by the audience who like thought provoking and touching songs. The music of the album is soothing at the same time and makes for easy listening despite the deep meanings attached to the lyrics of the songs. The album has various flavours but is still unified in its theme. The songs also display the state of mind of Gotye who said that he battled with depression while making this album. The impact of this is clearly visible throughout the album, which has darker undertones.

Wholesome EntertainmentMaking Mirrors by Gotye is not only deep but also entertaining. The variety of moods displayed by the songs makes for complete audio experience. The songs are simultaneously upbeat and deep. The lyrics are meaningful yet memorable. The songs are also very relatable as those are based on various human experiences. The music featured in the album is catchy and entertaining. The album is as good for easy listening as it is good for playing at casual parties and gatherings. It is an important addition to any respectable music collection. Enrich your taste in music with this CD. To get this product, you can place the order online.

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Product Details
Format Audio CD
Artist(s) GOTYE
No of Discs 2

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  1.  Loved the songs 30 December, 2013 On
    Being on top of the billboard charts for so many weeks, it was a sudden success for Gotye for which he bagged many awards like Grammy, AMA etc.
    his single Somebody I used to know became a hit just after 1 week of its release.
    And as jewels Kimbra who featured in the song added in the enhancement.
    All in all, a lovely album/single, should be listened to which is why it is highly recommended!
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