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MBA is Not about Money, Blazer, Arrogance

MBA is Not about Money, Blazer, Arrogance

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Language English
Contributor(s) Krishna Kranthi
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: MBA is Not about Money

The book is about the journey of a grad in B-school; in search of his purpose of the much coveted degree - MBA. The book gives insights about the B-school study, connects the audience with Indian culture and creates a strong impact with a beautiful message
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Nivasini Publications
Contributor(s) Krishna Kranthi
Binding Hardcover
Edition Second Edition
Page Count 153
ISBN 10 9350675005
ISBN 13 9789350675007
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 200 grams
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Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Book for starting soul searching 19 February, 2013 On
    Recently one of my friends – Krishna Kranthi has written a novel – “MBA is not about Money, Blazer, Arrogance“. Generally I don’t read fiction but the title of the novel made me read it. It is an interesting read and good authorship for a first time novelist. I liked it so much that I almost completed it in single reading. Many MBA students feel the same as the protagonist in “MBA is not… “. Only a few not only think but also write about it. Yet only a few not only write but also live the lessons learnt through this soul search, Krishna is one. Take an example – whatever small profit earned through the sell of the novel would go to an NGO. A very noble cause – who and how many think and act like that?

    In the novel, the protagonist asks pertinent questions. The protagonist – somewhat confused and a lot more explorer – is trying to search for the real purpose of the MBA. If I take the freedom to extend the realm – searching for the real purpose of life! The book is very good read for all students (not just MBAs) – it may help them find the objective for doing what they are doing?

    When I am writing this, I am reading “Globalization and its discontents” by Prof Joseph Stiglitz. I see through these books and connect the two things. I realized that there are more things beyond the ivory towers of AC rooms and excel sheets of calculations (as we MBAs are generally absorbed in). That something is – the drought stricken Marathwada Maharashtra (read Mumbai mirror Sunday 17th feb 13) etc. There is hope, there is opportunity for all of us to think beyond our own small goals. The opportunity to do something good for the society as a whole.

    There are two kinds of people. The Preservative and the Transformer. The Preservatives are trying to protect the status-quo, while the Transformers are trying to do something new update / innovate / improve and do something worth for self and society.

    I see a transformer in Krishna a different fellow who is different from the preservators. Who has asked few core questions for education (MBA). I think readers can find their own selves in the protagonist of novel and do some soul searching while reading the novel.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  A very good read 27 December, 2012 On
    Kranthi, first of all hearty congratulations on this honest and commendable attempt in writing a wonderful book.
    Aptly titled ,the book takes you through the memoirs of a management grad and the 'lessons of life' he learns during his course. I liked the way you have put your experiences in a candid and lucid way, with the amusing anecdotes making it interesting and gripping.

    Several valid points made that defy the conventional education system, nothing but the rat-race trap.
    I liked the subtle way you have emphasized on learning things by precept and example with a real connection to the society and issues,most importantly on being human and the need to give back to the society. And not just craving for a degree to embark a journey on the corporate ladder. Overall an excellent book and a must read one for not just MBAs but recommended for everyone.

    Last but not the least,I sincerely wish you meet the girl of your dreams(Nisha,Eena, Meena or Tina)... may all the odds be in your favor...Jai ho !
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  3.  AMAZING!!! Born to be a Bestseller!! 1 April, 2013 On
    To all those proud degree holders who have led their path so far either by compulsion or lack of apt exposure, this book is your chance to get yourself EDUCATED. If whole of your life you have bought what TV told you to, dressed what Bollywood/Cricket stars or society made you to, and thinks as school programmed you to, well, this book will push you to make a CHOICE. It will guide you to make a well informed decision by yourself.

    Let me share an important lesson I have learned about life: the most efficient way to waste time is trying to re-invent the wheel. The author Krishna Kranthi, already gone through the process, shares his experience of the MBA journey in this book, which I think should be treated as a guide by the reader to create a better future for him/her self.

    This book will helped me look at the same journey through three different angles as it has three completely different main characters. I am sure you will be able to match your personality with one of them, but will also learn from the ups and down of the other two characters.

    When I started this book, I will be an honest I never expected such an intriguing start from a debut author. I got so involved in the story that I started predicting the next dialogue, next move, and sometimes the entire next chapter. Though I failed in all of my predictions, I just could not stop doing it. As the story unfolded itself in the following pages, I was totally enthralled in the flow of the story.

    I was amazed to read such an artistic approach towards the mid-section of the book from a fellow engineer. You will realize the beauty of the art, when you will find yourself walking with the author as he takes you through the exciting trips he chooses to make. I think the author has made an excellent attempt to synergize art and science with the business in this book.

    While you will enjoy the journey of three friends, the exciting trips, and other details of the MBA program, the most exciting part that helped set my mood right from the start was the Love story, the icing on the cake. The love story will inspire all those who are waiting for the right moment and especially those like me who are waiting for (waiting for the right moment) ;-)

    I am soon going to start my MBA from one of top universities of US, and this book helped me not only choose the right school but also to set right expectations from the journey ahead. Anyone lost in the jungle of MBA options, this book will help you find the right MBA School that fits your personality and aspirations.

    I hope my review helped you in some way to make the decision, I think the pricing is also very well set as it is under reach of a regular student. To all those (read engineers, I am one too) who think reading books are not their isshtyyyle, well trust me it’s not a text book that will bore you or a guide/topper’s notes that will fetch you right marks, it is an experience you will thank yourself to have undertaken.

    It’s the best investment of 150 rupees I have ever made in my life. I highly recommend you to read this book, if not for yourself, then to help those seeking guidance.

    My Hearty Congratulations to Krishna for this masterpiece he calls, MBA is not about Money, Blazers, and Arrogance.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  4.  Good Book. Must read it. 17 December, 2012 On
    An excellent first novel by Krishna Kranthi. The book takes you back to our very own education system which got lost through the ages. The NGO chapter is really insightful and thought proviking. Overall the book highlights the value, an MBA grad can give apart from being money minded, craving for higher roles and showing off that arrogance. It takes you through nice learning exercises which would be of immense help to the MBA aspirants and current MBA grads.
    Overall a wonderful book. Well done Krishna Kranthi
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  5.  Excellent Book ! 16 December, 2012 On
    Great read from a first time author. A new Chetan Bhagat in the making. Well crafted story with a good message. I really liked the introduction of each chapters, some of them take you back to those childhood days. Good luck to the author
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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