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It is a pity that Michael Jackson, undoubtedly the greatest pop idol since the Beatles, did not know how dangerous drugs are. His eighth studio album Dangerous, however, is not at all dangerous. In fact, tt sounds even today, 23 years after its release in 1991, as delectable as ever. Selling 30 million copies worldwide, the album had 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 including a number one: Black and White. The album had music spanning rock, pop, R & B and new jack swing. It has 14 songs , all of them good to superb. Quincy Jones, Jackson�s favorite producer did not collaborate on this album. Instead, Jackson himself produced the album with inputs from Teddy Riley. It succeeded in presenting Jackson as part of the crowd to young people around the world. The fact reflected in the album reaching number one in nine countries.

And, it is not as if only the record buyers were impressed by the songs. Critics too joined the chorus and praised them. However, the album which was nominated in many categories for Grammy received only one; for Best Engineered Album For Non classical.

For all that, the songs are not superficial but have some measure of profundity. They have elements of paranoia, racism, romance, poverty and its effects on children. Also covered was self-improvement which ironically Jackson preached but alas, did not care to practice, to the regret of one and all. For, hee was a natural at being friendly.

If you want to relive the Michael Jackson magic, there is no better way to it than buy this DVD.

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Format HD DVD
Music Label SONY DADC
No of Discs 1

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