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MTT Non Slip Neo Fit iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Crystal Clear Transparent Back with Multi Layer Bumper Cushion Technology - Perfect Non Slip Grip and corner protection with TPU and Clear Back Panels (Transparent Black Bumper)
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MTT Non Slip Neo Fit iPhone 6S / 6 Case - Crystal Clear Transparent Back with Multi Layer Bumper Cushion Technology - Perfect Non Slip Grip and corner protection with TPU and Clear Back Panels (Transparent Black Bumper)

Compatible Devices Apple iPhone 6
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Product Description

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. This is because of the ease and convenience they offer. Smartphones have completely changed the way we communicate with our friends, colleagues and near and dear ones. They offer a number of platforms and channels for communication. They have made communication more instantaneous and entertaining. There is so much you can do with a smartphone that you do not need anything else for entertainment. One of the most popular smartphones is the iPhone which has been developed by the reputed company Apple. This smartphone is considered to be superior in terms of technology and features. A lot of people have switched over to using the iPhone over the past years. This has led to the company to launch more evolved versions of the iPhone over the years. There is a lot of demand for the phone as it offers enhanced features. However, the device is sensitive to damage if not handled carefully. Dust, dirt and moisture are the most common reasons for malfunctioning in the phone. You can easily ensure that your phone is protected from all these hazards by investing in a good quality mobile cover.If you are using an iPHone, here is a product that will provide protection and beauty to your phone.

The MTT iPHone series cover is a unique product and is a must have for every iPhone user. This product has been developed specifically for the iPhone series. It is made of high quality material which is highly resistant to daily wear and tear and hence will last you a long time. This product has a slim fit design that will stick to the body of your phone and give it maximum protection. It is quite lightweight and will not add additional weight to your phone. It has cut outs for speakers, camera and keys on the sides of the phone and hence facilitates ease of access. You can easily use all these features without having to remove the phone from this cover. The material used in this cover is polycarbonate with urethane coating which ensures that you cover remains shiny and as good as new for a long time. This product has been made of eco friendly material which ensures that there are no health hazard risks involved. This product comes in a shiny silver colour and can make your phone look classier and more beautiful. It is easy to install and you can slip it on to your phone's body easily. It will secure all points through which dust, dirt or moisture can enter your phone and cause malfunctioning.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by MTT, which specialises in mobile accessories. Other products from this brand include terracotta pots, lamps, wooden spice boxes, wooden frame wall hangings, terracotta vases, table lamps, wooden newspaper stands.

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Product Features

  • Clear Hard Back Panel + Non Slipping Ergonomically designed Side Bumper = Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection
  • Slim & Sleek Design - Non Slip Neo Fit is designed to provide highest protection while keeping itself slim & sleek ( 9.6mm)
  • Ultra Portable Protection - Maximized Protection with the double injected ultra-protective clear case and integrated shock-absorbing frame
  • Scratch Proof - Anti Scratch coating is applied to prevent wear and tear from long term use. <br/>
  • Ultra Clear transparent body reveals and enhances the original color and design of the iPhone 6S/6
Product Details
Manufacturer MTT
Manufacturer Part Number 881314909780
Brand MTT
Colour Name Black
Technical Specification
Compatible Devices Apple iPhone 6

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