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Machsmart Mach Smart 4Gb Watch Spy Hidden Digital Video Waterproof Camera Dv 1280*960 Mini Camcorder

Machsmart Mach Smart 4Gb Watch Spy Hidden Digital Video Waterproof Camera Dv 1280*960 Mini Camcorder

Colour Black
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Product Description

Been planning to take some sneak shots? Planning to reveal someone's pretentions and unholy intentions? Waiting to catch someone red handed? Mach Watch/Mini Camcorder 4GB is the perfect tool for the purpose. Everyone needs a watch, and no one is going to notice you because of wearing one. You can take long hours of video and many pictures at one go without needing to recharge. With decent picture and video quality and provision for taking audio as well, you can do all that you have been planning for, had the opportunity but missed out due to lack of convenient spying equipment.


The device comes with memory capacity of 4GB, non-expandable. This much memory is enough to capture long hours of video, as long as 2 hours, and many pictures at one go. Also, there is chance of recording audio separately as well, which allows you to record hours of audio. Whatever may be your spying needs, this device has enough memory to accommodate them all. The resolution of the device has been so designed that the memory capacity can be exploited to the fullest. Take up your watch and set out for spying adventures.


The device comes with long battery life. It has a 280 mAh battery, and working time equivalent to almost 2 hours. It can be recharged very easily as well and does not take much time. There is no additional weight because of the battery and the device is light on the wrist. The extended battery life, compared to other such devices is a unique selling point for this device. It is also a trademark in all the products designed and marketed by India retail, to produce affordable devices with long battery life.


Mach Watch/Mini Camcorder 4GB has video recording resolution of 1280 * 960 VGA recording. The frame rate of video recording is 30 frames per second. Video recording is the essence of any undercover operation. After recording, the video can be replayed and if it is not satisfactory it can be deleted and you can re-record. That is the best thing about digital media.

You can not only take videos but still photography is also possible. The photo resolution is of 3264 * 2448 and pixel is set at 2 mega pixels. This is decent configuration for any spying device, with better resolution than some mobile phones as well which are available at similar price range. The purpose of Mach Watch/Mini Camcorder is not to provide portfolio photo shoot quality pictures. It serves its purpose and provides pictures good enough for all spying purpose.

Audio recording is also allowed with good clarity. Once again, studio sound quality is not provided by this device, it can be, however, a very useful spying device. If you do not find any purpose for it at any instance, you can simply use it as a webcam. It is a compact multipurpose device, and it shows the time too!

System requirements

The best thing about this device is that it is compatible with almost all system configurations. It does not require any additional software instalment and is compatible with many operating systems. If you are presently working on Windows operating system, then you can be using anything as old as Windows 2000 to something much updated like Vista and this device would work fine with all of them. More often than not, devices compatible with Windows operating system does not function properly with Unix based Operating Systems. This device, however, is compatible with Linux as well. So no matter what operating system you are using, you will not have to change anything.

Price and Availability

The product is priced at INR 1,777, It is readily available with many distributors and retailers. It is also available online, where you can find handsome discounts on sites like So if you were looking for something similar, there is no better alternative.

Product Features

  • Memory : 4GB ; Watch Hidden Digital Video Camera 1280*960 AVI 4GB Memory Card Mini Camcorder DVR
  • Take Photos and Video,take Audio and used as Web Camera
  • Video resolution: 1280*960 VGA , Video frame rate: 30fps , Photo size: 3264*2448 , Picture pixel: 2.0 mega pixel
  • Supported system me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Linux
  • Battery capacity: 280mAh , Working time: 115 Minutes
Product Details
Manufacturer India retail
Manufacturer Part Number FS-2
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1

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