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Maggie Masala Noodles

Maggie Masala Noodles

Product Weight 40 grams
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Product Description

Busy studying or working on your laptop? But don't have the time to make lavish meals? Here comes the most preferred meal Maggi Masala Noodles that has been living in the heart of across all age groups. This noodle is perfect for people you want to enjoy a quick, yet hot flavoured meal with. It is one of the most loved convenient foods of the country. Maggie brings you an authentic food right from the kitchen in just 2 minutes. It has been bringing people together and has also made some people's lives memorable. Maggi Masala Noodles is instilled with spicier flavour, making it more healthy and delicious. It gives a wow feeling when cooked with lots of vegetables, eggs or consumed in the form of soup or even fried. Not just that, we can also experiment while making Maggie by adding different spices and giving it a twist and the result will always be yum. Maggie Noodles are all time favourite, from dormitory rooms of colleges to late night cooking in the kitchen. After all who doesn't love Maggi?

About the Product

Maggi Masala Noodles is 100% vegetarian. It has all the dietary fibre that not only helps in digestion but also satisfies hunger. Maggi Noodles focuses on providing a healthier meal, without compromising on the great taste you love. It has 10% RDA of Protein and 20% RDA of Calcium in each serve (75g). With a reduction of over 27% salt per serve, less than 0.2% Trans Fats and no added MSG's. The noodles are made of wheat flour and the seasoning powder contains all the Indian spices. Maggie always worked on the tagline "Fat to cook, good to eat". With the goodness of protein and calcium, maggi masala noodles have gained huge popularity and have become a well-known part of everyday culinary culture of every household. Maggi noodles are a complete hygiene home snack for one's who want to eat a quick meal. If you are alone at home, or you have been awake till late at night, and feel the pangs of hunger, the first thing that comes to most people's mind is maggi. An all time favourite meal, for all age groups, be it young kids, or elderly people.

About the Manufacturer

Nestle is a responsible organisation that has been in India for over 9 decades and has been able to develop special relationship and commitment with the Indian people. The company facilitates the initiative to improve the quality of life by providing healthy and nutritious food products to the customers. Nestlé India has also started to manufacture products under internationally famous brand names such as Maggi, Milkybar, Nescafe, Bar-One, Kit-Kat, Nestea and Milkmaid. Recently, the company has also come up with products of daily consumption and use such as Nestle Dahi, Nestle Milk, Nestle Slim Milk and Nestle Jeera Raita.

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Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 40 grams

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