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Magic spin easy mop 360 ISPINMOP

Magic spin easy mop 360 ISPINMOP

Target Gender Unisex
Product Weight 2.6 kg
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Overview: Magic Spin Easy Mop 360 Ispinmop

Magic Spin Easy Mop 360 ISPINMOP is a product for every Indian household to have a clean and good looking house because the journey of success starts from a successful house. Generally these products are being used by the female home makers or housewife's or many of the households in India are depended on the domestic helpers which are involved in the housekeeping, maintaining and cleaning the houses in the form of a part time job or it can be a full time paid job. The product consists of 2 parts which include the mop itself with a special feature of detachable head. There are 2 heads available in this set along with a basket which comes up with a spinning dryer. The spinner dryer is made up of stainless steel material which makes the product look rich and has long term robustness for this product unlike the plastic based dryers whose blades may break down very easily while moving.

To make the product attractive and good looking the product is available in purple colour. It is commonly seen in India that most of the housewife's make their husbands clean their home if they are not obeying the orders commanded by their wife's, to ease up the pain of every common man who does the housekeeping work as a punishment given by his own wife this product has been designed and produced to clean the house within minutes. The weight of this set is just 2.6 kilo grams which makes this product very easy to carry anywhere. The top head brush of the mop has a flexibility to turn around at a circumference of 360 degree which makes it easier for the user no to twist his or her hand while cleaning the floors. The mop can be bended down anywhere in the narrow spaced areas where cleaning the floors difficult with hand based floor cleaning process. A lot of people who either have a back problem or develop back problems due to everyday floor cleaning process in households or other areas which are meant to be cleaned for hygiene purposes.

In many of the areas cleaning through hands with a piece of wet cloth is not possible. By using this easy to use product this product the basket does not make a person's hand dirty while using this product even for squeezing and drying the mop head whereas in the case of cloth based floor wiping a lot of chemicals are being touched which is not hygienic.

The company gives the users one year's warranty for any of its manufacturing defects in its products. This product can be used while a person is standing straight without bending down and affecting their backbones or back pains. This process of floor cleaning with a mop is a far easy and faster process of cleaning in a hygienic manner. The stainless steel pipe of the mop can be adjusted very easily according to a person's height. This product is very commonly observed in most of the hotels and resorts in India where customers require a quick housekeeping of their rooms which be done through this product only. The other way of cleaning the floor through wet cloth would give a bad impression about the hotel and its staff or can result in customer complaint for delays.

You can buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price.

Features: Magic Spin Easy Mop 360 Ispinmop

  • Magic Spin mop comes with one dual action mop bucket & Spin dryer mechanism
  • Dehydration basket is made of stainless steel for long and robust usage
  • Mop heads are made with 8000 strands for maximum absorbency and extra cleaning power
  • Each box comes with two mops heads
  • One year warranty on manufacuring defects
Product Details
Manufacturer ISPINMOP
Colour Name Purple
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Easy Mop, Magic Mop, Spin Mop, Super Mop, Mop
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 2.6 kg

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Very useful!! 12 September, 2012 On
    I ordered this 'Magic spin easy mop 360 ISPINMOP' for my mom as she has back problem and cannot bend much for cleaning the floor. I ordered it on 2nd September via EZMOPS, but the seller shipped it around 8th September. I contacted the seller via the chat feature on their website and the sales rep was quite helpful and courteous and informed me that the delay is due to non-availability of the product. The seller shipped the item via speed post and it reach in 2 days. I'm overall very satisfied with the product and the experience and would recommend it everybody having back pains and those who face problem in cleaning.
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  2.  Great Product and Amazing Service 25 April, 2013 On
    I ordered this product from and received it in 2 working days. The product is not the cheap quality one and you can feel it when you hold the stick in your hand. Overall a great product. highly recommend it. the icing on the cake is buying it from fabmart
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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