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Magnetic Acupressure Power Mat Twister - Yellow & Black

Magnetic Acupressure Power Mat Twister - Yellow & Black

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Overview: Magnetic Acupressure Power Mat Twister - Yellow & Black

Are you sick of chasing fad diets? It's high time you hop off the diet and gym bandwagon and discover the benefits of magnetic acupressure to lose weight. Buy this magnetic acupressure power mat twister in yellow and black to lose additional pounds without torturing yourself. This new-age technique for weight reduction, figure tone-up and spine fitness can turn out to be a great tool to deal with a wide range of problems including constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigestion amp urinal problems. It's extremely easy to use. You need to stand on the Powermat Twister and swing from right to left and left to right, in a manner such that you can feel the pressure on your waist line. You need to do this for 3-5 minutes on a daily basis for weight reduction. You can assume any one of the positions that have been shown on the pack. For spine fitness, you need to ensure that you refrain from swinging in a manner such that it hurts your spine further. For accurate results while using this magnetic acupressure power mat, it is important that the Yantra magnets come under your feet. It has been recommended for weight reduction, figure tone-up, spine fitness and ab trimming.

Twist and Swing to Stay Fit

Most of us are notorious for overestimating how many calories we burn while we exercise and diet. This might lead you to eat more than what you need. If you are looking for an alternative to lose weight without rigorous exercise or dieting, which might lead you to lose count of the calories that you need to burn, you can opt for the Powermat Twister. Visit and find a wide range of weight-loss management products online. We let you choose from many online retailers and find the best prices on weight management tools.

Features: Magnetic Acupressure Power Mat Twister - Yellow & Black

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