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Magnetic 3-in-1 Laser Pointer with Ball Point Pen + Ultraviolet UV Light Currency Detector FLP-38334

Magnetic 3-in-1 Laser Pointer with Ball Point Pen + Ultraviolet UV Light Currency Detector FLP-38334

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Product Description

If you are one for collecting curios, then here's a product that you are sure to love. There are a lot of utility items available in the market, which are not only attractive but can also help you in working in a much easier and convenient fashion. This magnetic pen is unique in its functioning and can help you do much more than just write. This pen is inbuilt with features that allow impressive functioning. Besides writing, you can easily identify fake currency notes with this device. Surprise? Don't be. This pen can also be used as a laser pointer to point to important bullets and information while making presentations. This pen can help you create a lasting impression your seniors and colleagues. With this pen by your side, you can perform multiple functions. Also, it is quite attractive in appearance and comes with a clip that allows you to keep it in your pocket and carry it around with you.

This magnetic laser ball point pen is a unique product which is highly functional in nature. It comes with a red powerful pointer guidance. You can use this as a normal ball point pen and also as a pointer while making important presentations. It has a UV Currency detector that allows you to identify fake currency. It has a very stylish design and comes in a beautiful silver colour. This pen has two small buttons at the end that allows you to switch on the laser and currency detector mode. The clip on top of the pen allows you to pin it to your shirt or bag, books, pockets etc so that it stays safe and you do not lose it. This pen is light powered with 3xAG3 button cells. Along with the pen, you get a set of three AG3 batteries so that you can keep using this pen without any kind of hassles. This pen could also serve as an excellent gift to a friend or near and dear one. It comes in an alloy box that allows you to gift wrap and gift it. You can impress your seniors or bosses by gifting them this highly useful pen. This pen is a smart tool that can help any professional in performing efficiently. The smart design of this pen is sure to grab attention and make you feel special among your peers. This product is now available online and you can easily buy one by placing an order. So what are you thinking? Place your order now!

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Tiny Deal, which specialises in utility items. Other products from this brand include Micro SD card, Facial massager kit, Bluetooth music receiver, breadboard jumper, LED colour changing magic projection clock, nose clip prevent snoring snore stopper, foldable arc wireless optical mouse etc.

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Product Features

  • Product Features:. Laser Pointer: Red Powerful Laser pointer guidance
  • UV Light Currency Detector: Help you distinguish fake money. Ball Pen: Use as normal pen
  • With a clip to pin on books, bags, pockets and others. Suitable for classes, meetings, lectures
  • Light powered by 3 x AG3 button cells (Included). Offer you 3 spare AG3 batteries (6 in total )
  • Packed with an Alloy box. Max Output:. Wavelength: 650nm ± 10. Color: Silvery
Product Details
Manufacturer HKASIA
Brand Tiny Deal
Model Number TDL34424

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