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Maharaja Whiteline FPMW - 300 Food Processor - White

Maharaja Whiteline FPMW - 300 Food Processor - White

Brand Maharaja Whiteline
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Overview: Maharaja Whiteline FPMW - 300 Food Processor - White

Preparation for your cooking is now made easy with the Maharaja Whiteline FPMW - 300 Food Processor. For any dish, preparation often takes up the lion�s share of time and effort. This Maharaja Whiteline food processor can take care of this chore for you. It comes with 12 integrated attachments which can perform a vast range of functions in the kitchen. This is a hugely time saving food processor which can drastically reduce your preparation time and moreover prepare your food for cooking in a professional way. It is equipped with four sharply honed stainless steel blades. They can perform a number of actions including slicing, dicing, blending, mincing, chopping, cutting and grating.

In addition, the food processor comes with a juicer attachment. Between the blades and the centrifugal juicer, this efficient food processor can complete all the preparatory work except for actually cooking the food. Whether you need to cut and shred vegetables, wet or dry grind masalas or puree gravy or a soup or a shake, this handy appliance can complete all these task for you. This is a 600 watts food processor that comes with a powerful motor. This can complete all the above tasks very efficiently. It would take only a fraction of time compared to what it would take for you to do these tasks manually. You can select from three speed settings to further customize the function of this food processor.

In addition to all its functionality, this is an extremely safe food processor that is also durable. The overload protection mechanism ensures that you do not accidentally run the machine for too long and injure the machine. The high quality ABS plastic body is long lasting. It comes with two stainless steel jars and one polycarbonate jar which are all durable and provided with safety switch and locking system.

You can now purchase online this food processor and cook happily within a fraction of time.

Features: Maharaja Whiteline FPMW - 300 Food Processor - White

  • CATEGORY : Food Processors
Product Details
Brand Maharaja Whiteline
Warranty 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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