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Make Your Own Microscope Projector

Make Your Own Microscope Projector

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Product Description

Make Your Own Microscope Projector is a unique and compact projector that can be used in your rooms to view the microscopic world. The unique feature of the projector is that it is mobile and handy, and at the same time, quite useful.

Technical Specifications

Make Your Own Microscope Projector includes a slide of Daphnia. Daphnia is a genus of small, planktonic crustaceans that are 1-5 millimetres (0.04-0.20 in) in length. These microscopic creatures can be seen comfortably by this microscopic projector. The contents provided include the outer tube of the projector, along with an inner tube fitted inside the outer tube. The projector has a lens holder, a base with a large hole, a base with a small hole, a light cover, and a spacer. A lens sleeve with a rubber band is also provided. To construct the lens, two lens retainers, one with a small hole and the other with a large hole, are provided. The other accessories are the LED light, a glass slide, two prepared slides of Daphnia, double-sided tape, and glue.

Physical Characteristics

Make Your Own Microscope Projector is small and compact. It has a suitable look and colour, and the finishing makes the product quite attractive.

Product Features

With this product, you see the microscopic world at your comfort in your room.

Because of the small size, it can be placed anywhere.

The projector can easily be put together.

Product Details
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