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Mamy Poko Pants L 20S
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Mamy Poko Pants L 20S

Brand Mamy Poko
Size Large
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Overview: Mamy Poko Pants L 20s

Is your baby really fussy? Therefore, is it really becomes difficult in making him or her wear the normal diapers? Then Mamy Poko is here to put an end to your worries by introducing pant style diapers. So if you want to get rid of all those hassles, then go for the 20 Large Size Baby Pant Style Diapers pack rightaway.

Material and design

The Mamy Poko 20 Large Size Baby Pant Style Diapers are made of super absorbent breathable materials with maxi-absorbent core. They are fluffy and soft on your baby's skin. The diapers come in the shape of pants with soft elastic. It has soft leg gather. The outer cover has cartoon images printed on the front portion. The diapers are pure white in colour which is ideal for your little one. The materials used are clinically tested and does not cause skin irritation. Even the colors and perfumes used are non-toxic and safe for children. The pack contains 20 diapers. It comes in a large size which is suitable for babies who weigh between 9 to 14kg. The diaper pack weighs around 620gm.

Key highlights

The diapers are made of high quality material, which is  extremely safe for babies.

Each diaper can absorb up to six glasses of water.

The soft elastic keeps your baby comfortable.

The leg gathers prevent leakage.

The outer cover of the diaper is as soft as cotton.

The large size is ideal for babies who weigh between 9 to 14kg.


The Mamy Poko 20 Large Size Baby Pant Style Diapers are light in weight and easy for your baby to carry around. It is specially designed keeping in mind the restless babies, with whom you have to struggle to make them wear ordinary diapers.  The maxi-absorbent core ensures complete protection throughout the night as it can soak up to six glasses of water. The soft elastic does not cause redness even in hot and humid weather as it allows air to pass easily. It has comfortable leg gathers that prevent any kind of leakage. So if you make your baby wear this diaper, you will surely enjoy a good night's sleep. The mild perfume keeps your baby happy and freshens up the environment as well. The air fresh outer cover is soft like cotton with cartoon images printed in the front portion which your little ones will surely love. These pant style diapers come in a tapeless form which can be made to wear and taken out without any hassle. The tear-away side seams let you easily remove the soiled diapers. So shop this Large Size Pant Style Diapers with Soft Elastic from the online store today.

When to change a diaper?

Whenever the diaper gets wet or soiled, it should be changed immediately. Some common situations when you need to change your baby's diaper are when the little one wakes up from sleep, before bedtime, before and after feeding, after the bowel movement and before you go out with your baby.

How to change a diaper?

Firstly, make sure that you wash your hands. As your baby's skin is very delicate, washing your hands is a must. Then lay him or her on a changing table or changing mat so that your mattress or bed sheet doesn't get soiled. Next clean your baby's bottom area with wet wipes and sprinkle baby powder on that area. If your baby is prone to diaper rash, then you must apply some anti-rash cream. Putting on a pant style diaper is very easy. The tear-away side seams makes you job really easy.

The best way to dispose the diapers

Whenever you are using diapers, you need to be aware as how to dispose them hygienically. Firstly, you need to get rid of the solid wastes if any, in the toilet. This not only helps in preventing the bad odour but also checks the bacterial growth. Then roll the diaper in such a way that the soiled portion gets covered by the clean portion and then stick the tapes so that it doesn't open up. Next dispose them in a diaper pail, which is specially designed for this purpose. Always use a garbage bag inside the diaper pail so that it is easy to dispose. Once the bag is full, throw it in the outdoor trash can and sanitise the pail to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

About the brand

Mamy Poko is basically a sub-brand of a Japanese personal care company, Unicharm Corporation. They manufacture products that promise to improve the lifestyle of your baby. Their products are ideal for today's modern parents as it reduces their burden to a great extent.

So buy this Unisex Baby Pant Style Diapers online and change the diapers of your fussy baby conveniently.

Product Details
Brand Mamy Poko
Size Large

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