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Mamy Poko Pant Style Medium Size Diapers (60 Count)
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Mamy Poko Pant Style Medium Size Diapers (60 Count)

Brand Mamy Poko
Colour White
Minimum Age 6 months
Size Medium
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Overview: Mamy Poko Pant Style Medium Size Diapers

Parenthood is one of the biggest turning point in the life of any adult ,besides the joy of fostering a new life it also bestows you with the responsibility of taking many tough decisions,besides the food they have to eat, the nannies you have to keep one of the more important decisions you have to take is which diaper to buy,Well the last riddle has been solved for you because the perfect companion for your precious child should be nothing short of best and in the case of diapers Mamy Poko pants rules the rooster.

The new born is not the best communicator, so the responsibility of their comfort is rested upon the parents who are to understand his personal comfort zones by looking after him day and night,By chosing mamy poko pants you will be able to overcome one of the biggest source of discomfort for your child, the redness and rashes caused by the low quality material used in other diapers is nothing short of trauma for your babies sensitive skins,how would you fell if you are asked to wear woollen leggings in the summer months,with all the sweat running down your thighs that is how exactly your child feels when he is exposed to such products of low quality, Mamy Poko pants is made up of fine quality material which will leave you with no such complaints,it has a cotton like soft material which is extra soft on the super-sensitive skin of your precious ones.

Gone are the days when the babies cry will wake you up at the middle of the night, all because he has wet himself, changing diapers at that time is nothing short of putting you through third degree torture. With mamy poko pants 12 hour protection you are rest assured of a goodnights sleep both for you and your child, its super thin core will guarantee that for you.Safety pins and diapers where synonymous during thte yesteryears, these sharp things were always a casue of worry for the mothers and finding them at the right quite another task altogether, the advent of elastic bands and their introduction into the diapers by mamy poko has made the life a lot much easier.

now needn't do all those tough permutations and combination to put those diapers you just need to pull them up like a regular pant, besides this quality one other added advantage that these elasic bands provide is that when the baby starts to walk the elastic band stretches and helps your baby take those first steps without any discomfort.and if all this was not enough Mamy poko diapers come along with one of the favourite cartoon character of all times, Winnie the pooh, the diapers are of different designs and has winnie the pooh grinning thorugh all of them,SO what are you waiting for rush to

Features: Mamy Poko Pant Style Medium Size Diapers

  • Gives upto 12 hours of absorption
  • Comes with all round soft elastic band
  • Super soft material for baby's sensitive skin
  • 5 fun cartoon design of Winnie the Pooh
  • Ideal for babies with weight 7-12kgs
Product Details
Manufacturer Unicharm India Pvt Ltd
Brand Mamy Poko
Model Number 8903622031389-POOH
Colour White
Minimum Age 6 months
Target Audience Unisex-baby
Size Medium
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 37.4 cm x 14 cm x 31.8 cm

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Overall Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Satisfied Customer 27 May, 2015 On
    I'm a regular customer of this product. buying it form the last 6 months. every time I buy the item , im must satisfied and relaxed about the son's diapering. No tension at night. please introduce the quantity to 3 per person.
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