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Many Lives, Many Masters

Many Lives, Many Masters

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Language Hindi
Contributor(s) Dr Brian Weiss
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Many Lives

Many Lives, Many Masters is an inspirational book by Dr. Brian L. Weiss, a psychiatrist who recounts his experiences within the therapy sessions with a specific patient. Through the book, the author gradually stumbles across concepts like past-life regression. The book recounts the therapy sessions of the author with a specific patient named Catherine over a period of eighteen months. In this book, readers learn how traditional methods of therapy have proved unsuccessful in resolving problems such as recurring nightmares and chronic panic attacks in the patient.

Following this failure, the author changes his approach and uses hypnosis to remove the problems. During the hypnosis sessions, the patient starts recalling distinct past life experiences that seem to be responsible for causing the problems. The reader is taken on a revelatory journey, sharing the initial scepticism of the author before learning several secrets of life and death as revealed by the patient. In this interaction, the patient also manages to reveal various important aspects related to the life of the doctor, including information related to his family as well as his dead son.

The book does not just recount experiences, but also delves into the research undertaken by Dr. Weiss to confirm the experiences. Dr. Brian L. Weiss, the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, is a renowned American psychiatrist who has undertaken in-depth research in areas such as past life regression, life after death, reincarnation and future life progression. Only Love is Real and Same Soul, Many Bodies are some of the other popular books written by him. You can buy online the paperback edition, listed with the ISBN-10 number of 0749913789 and ISBN-13 number of 9780749913786.

Product Details
Language Hindi
Publication Date July 12, 2009
Publisher Indra Publishing House
Contributor(s) Dr Brian Weiss
Binding Paperback
Book Volume
Page Count 194
ISBN 10 8189107372
ISBN 13 9788189107376
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 21.6 cm x 14 cm x 1.3 cm
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