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Mattel Barbie Girl Gift Set 4 pc - Includes Tutu Hair Band Stickers Eau De Toilette Body Sprat & Glitter Lip Gloss!!

Mattel Barbie Girl Gift Set 4 pc - Includes Tutu Hair Band Stickers Eau De Toilette Body Sprat & Glitter Lip Gloss!!

Brand Mattel
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Product Description

Barbie dolls are something that every little girl cherishes. Most girls have grown up playing with Barbie dolls, combing its hair, dressing it up and playing imaginary games with it for hours together. Barbie dolls became very popular after their launch with little girls all around the world. Not only because they were pretty, but they came with a whole bunch of accessories which made playing with them extra fun. These Barbie dolls are available in different ethnicities and costumes and hence are a popular toy for children. They are readily available in top shops. These days you can also buy them online. With a Barbie doll by your side, you do not need anything else to entertain you. If your daughter's birthday is around and you are looking for a good gift for her, check out the Mattel Barbie Doll Gift Set which is a complete delight for a little girl.

The Mattel Barbie Doll Gift Set is a unique product and can serve as the perfect gift for m little girl. Barbie dolls are something that every girl wants and if it's your daughter's birthday, you should get her this beautiful set. This gift set consists of a Barbie doll that comes with accessories such as a Barbie Eau de Toilette spray. The spray bottle contains 1.02 ounces of fluid. It also comes with pink tutu band that your daughter can play with. She can place the band of the doll's head and play with it. There is also a sparkle lip gloss included in the pack. The pack also contains a bedazzled sticker tattoo that can be stuck on the barbie's arm. All these products can easily be used by your child. This pack contains all materials that can keep your child busy for hours. She can play with the Barbie in many ways. She can braid the dolls hair and tie it up or place the tutu hairband on the head. She can also apply the lip gloss and spray on the perfume on herself. These products are dematologically tested and are made of the best quality ingredients so you do not have to worry about your child's health. Barbie dolls have been popular with young girls since ages and are still popular with children. They are available in a wide range of ethnicities and features. You can take your child to a playstore and let her choose a Barbie doll she likes best!

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to be Mattel, which is famous for its Barbie dolls. Other products from the brand include keepsake boxes, Toy Story Slide and Surprise Playground Playset, Barbie Sparkle Dual Compartment Soft Lunch Box, Mattel's Monster High Glam Skullette Cuddle Pillow, Mattel Ever After High School Lunch Bag, Monster High Sleepover Sets, Happy Hig Sleepover Sets, Mindflex Game, Barbie Curtains Drapes Window Treatment etc.

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Brand Mattel

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