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Maybe I Will

Maybe I Will

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Language English
Contributor(s) Laurie Gray
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Maybe I Will

'Maybe I Will' by the author 'Laurie Grey', A Deputy Prosecuting Attorney who has been dealing with crimes against children. The book which revolves around the central character whose gender is not disclosed. A sexual assault on this person brings about a sudden change with the person turning to alcoholism and depression

'Maybe I Will' showcases the harsh realities of live which include being deserted by friends and family when you need them the most. The book is an eye-opener into the life of one who is suddenly so vulnerable and yet isolated because near and dear ones refuse to believe the agony of the said person. The highlight of the book is that Laurie Grey refuses to divulge, till the end the sex of the main character. This keeps you guessing on whether it is a male or a female. While this may keep you on edge, it also throws light on the situation of the person, the victim. Does such a person need to become a part of the ugly experience and suffer or become brave and stand up to fight such other incidents ahead? An interesting storyline, the book keeps you wondering about the fate of such individuals

About the Author:

Laurie Grey, a high school teacher is also a deputy prosecuting attorney. She is the founder of the website -''. A consultant and noted speaker she also works as a bilingual child forensic interviewer at the 'Child Advocacy Center' founded by her. This very versatile author wears many caps, notably amongst which is her role of being a faculty member at the National Symposium for child abuse in Huntsville (Alabama), something which she has been dedicated to since the year 2009. The book, though with a very sensitive subject carries a flavour of both humor and a little of Shakespeare as well making it an ideal read for all teenagers. The book has been published by Luminis Books which believes in significant stories for both, adults and children. Luminis Books began operations in the year 2008 and have now added other roles to their portfolio namely that of Marketing, PR, Acquisitions and Production.

Product Specifications

Publisher: Luminis Books, Incorporated

Language: The book is in English

Author: It is written by Laurie Grey

Format: The book is available in 'paperback' format

Total pages: The book has a total count of 200 pages

Dimensions: The book has dimensions of 20.1 x 13.7 x 1.5 cm

A gripping book which gives you an insight into the mind and life of one who has undergone an experience of 'physical abuse', this book can be purchased exclusively from at a very reasonable price.

Features: Maybe I Will

  • Luminis Books, Inc.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date March 1, 2013
Publisher Luminis Books, Incorporated
Contributor(s) Laurie Gray
Binding Paperback
Edition 1
Maximum Age 18 years
Minimum Age 13 years
Page Count 208
ISBN 10 1935462709
ISBN 13 9781935462705
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14 cm x 2.5 cm x 20.3 cm
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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     A Letter To One of The Most Resilient Characters I've Had The Honour To Meet 8 March, 2014 On
    Dear Sandy,

    It feels weird to be writing a letter to someone whose gender I do not know. But you know what? I'm going ahead anyways, because gender notwithstanding, I feel I somehow 'connected' to you on some level while I was reading your story. Does that sound bizarre? Well, maybe it is (it is, I know), but that did happen, so... yeah.

    And in case you were wondering, Maybe I Will is truly ambiguous regarding your gender. Since I was inclined to think of you as a girl, I purposely adjusted my mind to look at you as a guy. And it still fit. Perfectly. Even the end, when you take into account the day and age we are living in.

    Being a bookish person myself, I loved watching you use Shakespeare in your own life. Honestly, I've always been kind of intimidated by The Bard, and though I've read the works that are a requisite for anyone who can respectfully call themselves a lover of literature, I've never gotten what all the hype was about a few of his works. But after seeing them in your eyes, it painted a whole new picture for me.

    Speaking of literature, dude (and although by dictionary speak, 'dude' is actually gender specific, I use it for everyone :D), your poetry is great! Not convoluted, it sounded like just another teenager trying to speak to another person, which just drove the message home that much harder.

    I used the word 'connected' earlier. Did that sound presumptuous? (because it sounded that way to me) Let me explain myself. There is no way I can even begin to imagine everything that you have gone through, but there were parts of you that I could relate to, especially your poetry and your love for literature and drama. The following verses were my favourite among all your works in the book, because it's something I find myself experiencing increasingly often of late.

    I have this feeling.
    Somewhere in the universe there must be a word.
    A word attached solely to this feeling alone.
    A word that I could say, that you would hear,
    Allowing us both to understand.

    If such a word exists, it eludes me.

    I’ve considered creating the word myself ...
    but how would I explain its meaning to you?

    Most books I've read on this subject take place after the act itself, so we dont get to see the immediate effects such violence has on a person. Readers will get a very raw image after reading your account of what happened, despite how rapidly it takes place, but I think that's probably necessary. For us to be able to deal with the consequences in a manner suiting the enormity of the violence, we have to be able to understand it, and I think accounts such as yours will open our eyes to the brutality that is felt.

    Shanika sounds like a great friend. I'd love to hear more about her, if you're planning to write anything anytime. I certainly didn't expect Cassie or Troy (especially Troy) to behave they way they did, but I guess that's one great thing about difficult times. It puts friendships to the test and only the ones who emerge unscathed from it and your true friends.

    The book reminded me a lot of Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. But where Speak has an almost ethereal quality to it (which works wonders for Speak), Maybe I Will comes across as straightforward and grounded.

    Maybe I Will ended in a positive note. I'm hoping that was a glimpse into your future, or rather, present, and you've healed now and come through as a stronger human being.

    Keep strong.

    And Kudos!

    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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