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Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001

Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001

Brand Adiko
Colour Black
Size High Back
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Overview: Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001

The importance of an office chair cannot be underestimated. You spend hours in your workspace, sitting on your chair and if it is not comfortable, not only will you feel that you have had a rough day, but it will also have a negative effect on your health. In fact, it would not be incorrect to say that an office chair is by far the most important piece of furniture in a work space. A good chair provides day long comfort to the user. In addition to that, it also helps the person focus better on the work at hand, and complete it efficiently on time.

A cosy and comfortable office chair will prevent your concentration from wavering as you will not be constantly shifting in your chair to feel more comfortable. Moreover, an ergonomic chair like Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001 is not only comfortable but provides good support to the lower back and prevents the development of any back problems due to bad posture. So, if you too spend a large part of your day in your office and are looking to buy a new office chair for yourself, this Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001 will be just perfect for you.

Product Description

The market is flooded with various brands of high back executive chairs that claim to be the best of the lot. However, you need to be smart at the time of buying a chair to ensure that you choose one that offers the best value for your money. If you choose to buy Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001 online, you will not have any regrets later as this chair can be easily adjusted for users of different heights. The right height of your office chair will allow you to rest your feet flat on the ground and your thighs will be parallel to the ground. That apart, it is important to make sure that your arms are at the same height as your desk.

This high back executive chair from Mebelkart Adiko has ample width and depth to accommodate any user comfortably. Whether you are a skinny person or are full bodied, you can sit comfortably with your back resting against the backrest of this chair while the back of your knees is just 2-4 inches away from your desk. Moreover, this ADXN 001 high back executive chair by Mebelkart Adiko tilts both forward and backwards to a small degree and can be adjusted in a more comfortable position as per your preference.

This chair provides great back rest and lumbar support and its neutral black colour makes it easy to use in various office settings with different interior design. Once you have determined the appropriate height of the chair, you can lock it in position and get ready to tackle everyday work pressure from your comfort zone. The seat and the armrests of this chair have comfortable padding that allows a user to sit in it for a longer period of time. The seat and arm rest padding is breathable and much more preferable than a chair with a harder back rest.

Finally, this chair swivels around with relative ease, so that the user does not have to strain too much to reach different areas of his desk or just to turn around and interact with his or her colleagues. You can avail the cash on delivery option and make the payment for this chair during the time of delivery.

Product Details

Brand: Mebelkart Adiko

Manufacturer: Mebelkart

Manufacturer Part Number: MK8682ADXN 001

Colour: Black

Chrome plated base

Chair Type: High back executive chair

Black colour padded plastic armrest

Uses Tilt and Gas Lift mechanism for height adjustment

Nylon wheels

Warranty not applicable

The item is ready to be shipped

Estimated delivery time: 5-7 working days depending on your location

In the Box

You will get one unit of Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001. It is preassembled and no assembly is required. As such there is no extra installation charge for this product. Shop Mebelkart Adiko high back executive chair ADXN 001 online now and you can get it at the best possible price.

Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Manufacturer Part Number MK8682ADXN 001
Brand Adiko
Colour Black
Size High Back

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