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Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa

Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa

Brand Mebelkart
Colour Brown
Material Wood
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Overview: Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa

We all wish to decorate our home with nice furniture and furnishings. It is also quite common to discard old furniture to replace it with new one that is trendy. New furniture gives the house a fresh look that also helps us to feel good and refreshed. Whether it is a book shelf or a sofa set, you can change one or two things to give your home a better style. So this festive season, give yourself a reason to smile and get refreshed by decorating your home with a new piece of furniture.

Cane furniture is great for homes. It has a kind of cosiness and versatility that makes it very popular for homes around the world. You can use this furniture both in your drawing room and in the garden. So if you are thinking of getting some stylish cane furniture then you can take a look at the Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa. As we know cane is a natural product and thus there is a very earthly feeling to it. There is an instant homely feeling to these furniture pieces. They are also lighter than any other furniture made from wood, steel or glass. Cane sofas are really good for your home as it is easy to use and maintain.

About the Product

The Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa is a sophisticatedly designed sofa made from durable cane. This sofa has been designed in such a way that it can be used in drawing rooms, lounges, gardens and in patios. The sofa is made from high quality Indonesian cane that is flexible as well as durable. With proper maintenance, this sofa will last several years. The design of the sofa is quite like a lounger, with its backrest sliding down from one end to another and giving it a round shape. The flawless finish of the sofa makes it an excellent piece of furniture art. The Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa is very classy and adds a lot of sophistication to your home. This cane sofa comes with the cushions as shown in the picture. However the cushion covers are not included in the offering

Key Highlights

Material used: High grade Indonesian cane.

Shape: Like a lounger, very classy yet modern.

Accessories: Cushions without covers come with the cane sofa.

Utility: Can be used as a garden sofa or a drawing room lounger.

Polish: Glossy

Maintenance and Price

The Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa is very easy to maintain. Since it is made from cane it will not require much maintenance. A regular dusting and wiping will keep the gloss intact. After a few years, if you feel the gloss is wearing off, then you can apply a coat of gloss to make it appear new again. The sturdy cane will not even wear off if kept in the garden. However, a cover can be used at night to keep it safe from the dew. The price is surprisingly low for such a classy cane sofa.

About the Brand

The brand Mebelkart is well-known for manufacturing and selling various home decor items. They manufacture almost everything that you need for your home decor and use. They have some great collection of models and figures that you can buy to decorate your home. Apart from the cane furniture, they sell products made of iron too. So to buy online the Mebelkart Bengal Basket - S03 Cane Sofa you can refer to the website.

Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Manufacturer Part Number MK14497S03
Brand Mebelkart
Colour Name Light brown
Colour Brown
Material Wood

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