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Mebelkart Swift Bunk Bed

Mebelkart Swift Bunk Bed

Brand Mebelkart
Model Number MK3381SWIFT1043
Material Metal
Size Twin
Assembly Required Yes
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Overview: Mebelkart Swift Bunk Bed

If you are willing to give your kid's bedroom a trendy look, you can stylise it with this exclusive Red and Blue Swift Bunk Bed from the house of Mebelkart. Apart from painting the room with vibrant colour or pasting exclusive wallpapers, this smart looking bunk bed can prove to be an exclusive addition.

A brief idea about the brand

Mebelkart, the brand offers you a wide range of luxury furniture like variety of cabinets, beds, bunk beds, tables, wall shelves, sofas, chairs, couches, bean bags and home decor items. Whether it is your home furniture, office furniture or designer furniture, you can now acquire them easily online. 


This Mebelkart Red and Blue Swift Bunk Bed is crafted from high quality mild steel. Its look has been further highlighted with non-toxic eco-friendly paint in red and blue. The dimensions of the top bed are 72 x 36 inches. The total height of the swift bunk bed is 72 inches. The seating height of the lower bed is 8 inches. The height of the top bed is 54 inch. The colourful bed has a mild steel structure, one side of which is bright yellow and the other side is navy blue. The upper bunk has side railings. The bunks and the railings are bright red in colour. The yellow coloured slanting ladder is fixed on one side of the bunk bed. Little rings on two opposite sides both on the upper and the lower bed enhance its overall look.

Key highlights

This portable bed is light in weight and can be easily moved from one place to another.

The side railings on the upper bunk prevent your kid from falling off.

Since the ladder is fixed, it doesn't slip off.

It doesn't have sharp edges and is therefore safe for your kinds.

The swift bunk bed can be easily assembled.

 It comes with a two-year warranty.


This purposeful Red and Blue Swift Bunk Bed comes in a vibrant colour combination that blends with your kid's bedroom's interior decor perfectly. The modern look of the individual furniture gives the room a compact and neat look. The non-toxic eco-friendly paint is safe for your little one. The rounded edges are safe for your kid. The fixed type slanting ladder lets your little one easily climb up the upper bunk. The stoppers fixed on the legs save your flooring from any kind of damage. One of its striking features is that it is light in weight and portable. Since it is also easy to assemble, just uninstall the swift bunk bed and carry it conveniently in case you are associated with a transferable job. You can easily move it from one room to another as well. Compared to most of the bunk beds, this one is perfect for kids. If you spread colourful bed sheets with animated prints on them, your kids will surely love the look. So shop this Red and Blue Swift Bunk Bed online and make your kid's room more spacious.

Why should we opt for bunk beds?

Nowadays, space is a big factor that we need to keep in mind while decorating our house. A bunk bed not only helps you to cope with the space problem but it also adds a magical touch to your little one's bedroom. If you have two kids, this is an ideal space saving bed accommodation you can opt for. Even if you have just one kid, you can easily accommodate your little guest. Its interesting design will keep your little one engrossed throughout the day. They will love to climb up and down the bunk and actually enjoy themselves. Boys can turn it into an adventurous object while girls can turn it into their doll's house.

Maintenance and care

Painted mild steel furniture requires minimum maintenance. It can be easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After you have finished washing it and removing the stains, then dry it with a soft cloth. Keep it in a damp-free area so that it doesn't get rusted. If the paint peels off, you can consider painting the furniture after every two to three years.

So, whether your little one is a boy or a girl, you can always buy this Kids Swift Bunk Bed online and easily make him/her happy.

Features: Mebelkart Swift Bunk Bed

  • Two years warranty
  • Excellent quality
  • Lowest price guaranteed
  • Free Shipping
  • Brand :Mebelkart
Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Brand Mebelkart
Model Number MK3381SWIFT1043
Colour Name Multi color
Material Metal
Size Twin
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 182.9 cm x 91.4 cm x 182.9 cm

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