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Mebelkart Shesham Wood High Chair for kids & Baby

Mebelkart Shesham Wood High Chair for kids & Baby

Brand Mebelkart
Material shesham wood
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Overview: Mebelkart Shesham Wood High Chair For Kids & Baby

For a parent, the transitional period of his offspring from infancy to toddlerhood is very crucial. Your kid grows up physically as well as mentally. Characteristic and physical resemblances with you start appearing in your little one. He outgrows your lap, or the nursing pillow you used to feed him on, and sits up for his meals. This Mebelkart Shesham Wood High Chair for kids & Baby is for children that have started sitting up to have meals. This high chair is made of Sheesham wood, which is considerably robust and not susceptible to damage or Woodboring beetles. The walnut brown colour adds to the attractiveness of this chair, and the smooth waxy polish on it makes it even more alluring.

Easy to fold and carry

Like other high chairs from Mebelkart, this one is very easy to use. You can fold this chair easily and change its place and position with equal effortlessness. Place this chair anywhere in your bedroom, dining area or on your balcony. It is not at all heavy. You can feed your child while watching a television programme in your drawing room, or on your verandah, directing his attention to the chirping birds, the sky, the trees around, or the known faces in the neighbourhood, smiling to acknowledge acquaintance.

Brief description of this chair

This high chair from Mebelkart, has a backrest with vertical wooden grids. The tray at the front is easy to fold, so that you can put your child on this seat or remove him. This high chair also has a foot-rest, where your kid can place his feet while eating his meal. This foot-rest also helps him climb up to his seat or get down from it. This Mebelkart high chair for kids is available for online purchase in India. Before you buy high chairs online, take the assistance of to know which retailer sells your chosen product at the lowest possible price.

How to take care of this chair?

Wipe this chair with a slightly dampened cloth. You can also use cleaning solutions that are specially meant to be used on wood. Don't use harsh fabrics or detergent gels to clean this high chair, as they might affect its quality.

Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Manufacturer Part Number MK2563VSCSWHC
Brand Mebelkart
Colour Name Brown ( walnut )
Material shesham wood

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