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Mebelkart Spacewood Beds : Kosmo Lexus Queen Bed Box Bed

Mebelkart Spacewood Beds : Kosmo Lexus Queen Bed Box Bed

Brand Mebelkart
Assembly Required Yes
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Overview: Mebelkart Spacewood Beds : Kosmo Lexus Queen Bed Box Bed

Assuming your bed will last around 7 years, you are likely to spend about 20,000 hours lying on it. So it is worth taking a few moments and trying to figure out which bed is exactly right for you. Your body needs the correct support and firm comfort to make sure you get to complete your R.E.M cycle as you sleep. Making the right choice is crucial, as the shape and material of your bed can affect your posture. Sleeping on a badly designed bed could cause several health issues. Moreover, you need to opt for a brand that creates beds which come with termite protection and are fungus resistant. If you don't have the time to hunt for the right bed, there is one other option that you could go for, which requires no research at all.

You can shed all of your concerns in advance and go for the best brands in the business. 'Kosmo' from Spacewood has become a benchmark when it comes to quality beds. Purchase a bed from one of India's largest furniture manufacturers and you will certainly not be disappointed by their fashionable and sleek design.

Unique Features

The company maintains ISO standards very strictly, so that there is never a problem with their creations. The designs are subjected to a battery of quality tests that ensure that you get nothing but the finest furniture along with a quality check to prove it. Along with being termite proof and fungus resistant, these beds are water proof too. They come in a rich natural Wenge finish that gives them a beautiful look.


Comfort is a crucial aspect when buying the right bed for your house. If you happen to be sleeping with your partner, you need to ensure that you have a fairly large bed. A small one might leave you both with little space which can lead to unrest and discomfort. This queen size box bed set can be used with different types of mattresses depending on your personal choice. No matter what kind of mattress or pillows you use, once you have a Spacewood bed, you're all set till the next decade. This bed ensures that your back and neck, along with other parts of your body are supported well, leading to a comfortable sleep.

Fashionable and Practical Design

Live your life queen size and sleep on a Queen bed for the nicest nap of your life. Spacewood beds have always been unique and the designs have been creative. The company believes that having a cosy nook to rest your head is important. It designs beds in such a way that you can't help, but look forward to bed-time, when it is their creations you will be resting on. You will thank the stars above for the decision you made, as you enjoy a good night's R.E.M sleep.

Features: Mebelkart Spacewood Beds : Kosmo Lexus Queen Bed Box Bed

  • Note: Assembly should be done by the buyer.
Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Manufacturer Part Number MK12860KOSLEXUSQB
Brand Mebelkart
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes

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