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Mebelkart Spacewood Burmateak Beds : Kosmo Day Bed

Mebelkart Spacewood Burmateak Beds : Kosmo Day Bed

Brand Mebelkart
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Overview: Mebelkart Spacewood Burmateak Beds : Kosmo Day Bed

Along with being a trendy piece of furniture that you can add to your home, daybeds are also practical. Needless to say, they are popular and hence, you'll find a wide variety to options to choose from. While going about the act of selecting the kind of material that you prefer, you need to align the same to the function that you expect the piece of furniture to serve. Wooden daybeds can be the most versatile, as they can be used for sleeping as well as sitting or lounging. It is the main reason why they are such a popular option when it comes to daybeds, and prove to be the preferred choice over metal.

Spacewood has long been one of the country's largest furniture manufacturers. They have consistently developed innovative pieces of furniture that have adhered to standards set by ISO. They ensure that all the products created by them are thoroughly tested for quality so that their customers can enjoy full value for their money. The 'Mebelkart Burmateak Kosmo bed' is no different and has been crafted by experts in the field, to be a strong and durable item.

Unique Features

This appealing piece of furniture has a unique sense of beauty that wows people and is sure to bring a lot of elegance to your home. It is water resistant, which is a great feature for Kosmo daybeds. Moreover it is termite proof and fungus resistant as well; features that aptly add volumes to its effective functionality. Crafted with a rich natural Burmateak finish, the style and beauty of this bed is truly unparalleled. This drool-worthy piece of furniture by Spacewood has been a very popular choice among most designers as well as homemakers.

Fashionable Design

This piece of Burmateak furniture has some simple and sleek lines that give your household a warm and cosy look with classic style. Its bright green colour contrasts exceedingly well with the dark wood and offers you a stellar design. It is essentially a trendy day bed with chic style, which is sure to complement the rest of your house. It allows its contemporary style to merge with your own personal sense of home fashion, thereby making a stunning combo.


People frequently place Kosmo daybeds in spare rooms or a home office, as they work well as sofas and even act as chaise loungers. Whenever you have too many guests over you can adjust the sleeping-arrangement by letting people sleep on this daybed. This can also be an excellent addition to the children's room, as your kids can relax on it during the day and use it for sleeping at night. Its trundle, which can be drawn out with ease, lets you accommodate a second child or a guest in cases of sleepovers. If you so wish, you can utilize the space under the bed to store linens or other items when you require space as well. Incredibly functional and highly feature-packed, the 'Mebelkart Spacewood Burmateak Beds Kosmo Day Bed' is definitely worth a look.

Features: Mebelkart Spacewood Burmateak Beds : Kosmo Day Bed

  • Note: Assembly should be done by the buyer.
Product Details
Manufacturer Mebelkart
Manufacturer Part Number MK12848KOSDAYBED
Brand Mebelkart

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