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Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS2)

Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS2)

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Overview: Medal of Honor

20 levels of gameplay spread across 6 major missions, all based on real World War II events and all adding up to one complete and uninterrupted storyline. Characters include German, British, and American troops, as well as Dutch civilians. Over 20 authentic WWII weapons, including the Colt .45, Springfield Sniper Rifle, Panzerschreck rocket launcher, MG42 mounted machine gun, and fan favorite: Browning Automatic Rifle. Enemy vehicles including Panzer and Tiger tanks, trucks, motorcycles with sidecars, and armored railway scout cars. Player driven motorized rail car, train, and mine cart. Astonishing enemy and ally AI. Intense non-combat-based scenarios, such as a disguised, weaponless infiltration of an officer's pub brimming with Gestapo to make contact with a Dutch Resistance operative. Over 70 minutes of original orchestral music by acclaimed Medal of Honor composer Michael Giacchino. Authentic WWII content. description Medal of Honor Frontline marks the debut of the best-selling and award-winning Medal of Honor franchise on the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system. In Frontline, you'll go behind enemy lines as Lt. Jimmy Patterson to take part in a series of challenging missions that are vital to Allied victory over the Third Reich.

Features: Medal of Honor

  • 15 missions, based on real events that occurred during World War II
  • Fully realized 3-D worlds, using the advanced capabilities of the PlayStation 2
  • Over 20 weapons
  • Attack enemy units alone and as part of a crack military squad
  • Communicate with friendly units to organize deadly tactics
  • Realistic WWII feel

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  1.  spectacular 20 June, 2014 On
    Medal Of Honor is so much good and an adventures + action games which i all the most i completed this game in 2 days but even though i always plays this game I LOVE IT
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