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Medela Pump Advance Breast Pump

Medela Pump Advance Breast Pump

Brand Medela
Maximum Age 1 year
Minimum Age 1 month
Material Plastic
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Overview: Medela Pump Advance Breast Pump

Pumping breast milk is something that most working moms need to do. This is why getting the right breast pump is absolutely essential. The Medela Pump In Style Advance Breast Pump is a high performing pump and it comes with a fashionable bag, which is ideal for moms who might have to pump on the go. It includes quite a few features that allow you to go about the process of pumping rather easily. Moreover, it helps produce more milk without taking too much time. If you are interesting in this product, then you can always buy online. However, before that make it a point to visit and compare prices. Doing so could actually help you save quite a bit of money.

2-Phase Expression technology helps produce more milk

The Medela breast pump boasts of the 2-Phase Expression technology. This is an innovative feature, which helps you pump more milk and that too in very little time. This is rather important, especially when you are busy with a number of other things. The Maximum Comfort Vacuum level is there to make you pump more without facing any discomfort.

Removable parts offer more convenience in operating

The electric breast pump consists of removable parts. For instance, the pump and cooler carrier can be carried separately. The work surface is also a removable one and this provides a clean surface for you to work on. Moreover, there are Personal Fit Breastshields, which are comfortable enough.

Adjustable speed dial allows you to choose the required settings

You can actually set the speed settings that you prefer. This can be done with the help of the adjustable speed dial. You can easily make use of the double electric pump on a regular basis.

The Metro Bag allows you to carry the electric breast pump without any hassle

A smart and stylish looking Metro Bag is provided along with the Medela breast pump. It is free of PVC and made of microfibre. You can easily put in the required items inside this bag and carry it with you no matter where you go.

Features: Medela Pump Advance Breast Pump

  • Fully equipped for pumping - any time, any place, every day.
  • The electric Breastpump comes in a trendy backpack.
  • Unique 2-Phase Expression: For fast and easy milk flow.
  • Removable motor unit and cooler carrier.
  • Electric or battery-powered.
Product Details
Manufacturer Medela
Brand Medela
Maximum Age 1 year
Minimum Age 1 month
Target Audience Children
Material Plastic

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  1.  best thing ever for a new mom 17 September, 2012 On
    very useful and efficient product for moms, who are tired of nursing 24/7... expressed milk can be fed in a bottle to the baby, thus giving a new mom some breathing time.
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