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Mee Mee Breast Pump
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Mee Mee Breast Pump

Brand Mee Mee
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Overview: Mee Mee Breast Pump

In order to express their breast milk easily for their little ones, feeding mothers can use Mee Mee Breast Pump. This breast pump is available in a complete functional set that consists of a feeding bottle with its cover and a nipple. This breast pump set is lightweight, and so, you can carry it anywhere while you are on move. It is portable, and so, doesn't occupy much space. As a result, you can keep it conveniently anywhere you want to. It is also easy to handle and use. This breast pump ensures constant flow of milk by using the massage cushions that stiffen and loosen the muscles as the milk is being pumped out. These Mee Mee breast pumps imitate the sucking of your baby that makes it convenient for you to pump out the milk. You can buy online any of the Mee Mee breast pumps from the stores listed on Junglee

Easy to assemble or disassemble

This smart and ergonomic breast pump is available in units that are easy to assemble. You can even refer to the manual and assemble it easily while using it. While storing or carrying it with yourself while travelling, you can disassemble it and make it portable. Every unit of this breast pump is made of food grade materials which is safe for to use for both mother and baby. You can also clean it by disassembling it in separate units.

Compact and lightweight

This breast pump is compact and lightweight, and hence is easy to carry along with you and your baby. You can store it anywhere by disassembling it in small and easy to carry units. You can even sterilize it easily without any hassle.

Actual breastfeeding experience

This manual breast pump stiffens and loosens the breast muscles to provide actual an breastfeeding experience, and as a result, you feel like your baby is sucking the milk out. It is quite easy to express milk and you can safely use it for a constant flow of milk when your baby is not feeding. You can store this milk and your baby can also have it when you are not around. This breast pump is ideal for working mothers who like to feed their babies but cannot be around all the time to feed them.

Features: Mee Mee Breast Pump

  • Specially designed to help mothers express breast milk
Product Details
Manufacturer Mee Mee
Brand Mee Mee

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