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Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes 80pcs - Pack of 1, F
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Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes 80pcs - Pack of 1, F

Brand Mee Mee
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Overview: Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes 80pcs - Pack Of 1

To keep the sensitive skin of your baby protected, it is always advisable to use the best quality wipes. Baby wipes are used to protect the sensitive skin of infants. These wipes are available in two types - dry as well as wet. The dry wipes require you to pour a certain amount of a solution onto it before you can use them whereas wet wipes require no such labor. They are generally saturated with different types of solutions which help in softening the skin as well as make one feel fresh. These solutions may be alcohol based or may even contain gentle cleansing ingredients. So in order to make sure that your baby's skin is protected from dirt, germs or any other kind of infection; all you need to do is wipe your little one, when he or she has soiled diapers, with this Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes. These wipes are made using high quality hypoallergenic material and are thus gentle against the delicate skin of your child. This particular pack contains 80 pieces of wipes and with the fragrance you baby will smell fresh all the time. The material is non-woven fabric and the each wipe is one hundred per cent bacteria free. This feature makes it usable on children with sensitive skin as well. If your child has excessively sensitive skin, then also you can use these wipes. Shop Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes online today and get it delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

Product Features

Baby wipes have become a necessary part of every diaper changing kit and they come in a wide range of pack counts. This particular pack of Mee Mee wet wipes contains 80 pieces. The wipes in the pack are white in color and they are all made of non woven fabric. The no weaving feature makes them soft and smooth. Thus they are smooth on the delicate skin n your little one and you will not have to worry about skin rash or any such problem. The major feature of the wipes is that they can be used on the skin of your child even from the time of his or her birth. They are cent per cent bacteria free and alcohol free substance. These Mee Mee wet wipes also contain hypoallergenic ingredients that make sure that even if your child's skin is excessively sensitive. The size of each wipe is 150 millimeters * 200 millimeters and thus they can be used when your little one soils his or her diapers. One pack contains 80 pieces of wipes and thus you can also buy extra packs and store it for further use. This particular pack of wipes has a life span of 24 months and the wipes are usable for 24 months from the date of manufacture. This particular pack contains wipes that have already been dipped in a solution and thus you will not have to face the hassles associated with dry ones. Each wipe has been tested by dermatologists and are designed to have a soothing effect on your child's skin.

Children, especially infants, have extremely sensitive skin. Even the slightest exposure to dirt and pollution may cause damage. Mee Mee is well known for the baby care products that are convenient, easy to use as well as easy to carry around. One such product is the wet wipes. These wipes can be used to clean your child easily. With these wipes you will be able to clean your child even while you are travelling. You can use them to clean their hands after their playtime, instead of using water, to clean them once they have soiled their diapers or even after meals. These wipes have a lemon fragrance and thus your child will smell fresh as well. So what are you waiting for? Buy Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes online today and keep your little one clean and fresh all the time.

In the Box

A packed box contains 80 pieces of Mee Mee Wet Wipes. Buy this product online today and free yourself from the worries of cleaning your child whenever you are travelling or at home. These wipes will ensure that you can easily clean your baby and protect them from dirt as well as germs.

Key Highlights

Pack contains 80 pieces

Has a lemon fragrance

Made using spun-lace, non-woven fabric

Convenient to carry around

Easy to use

Features: Mee Mee Lemon Fragrance Wet Wipes 80pcs - Pack Of 1

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts which keeps skin moisturized
  • Made of a spun lace non-woven fabric, hypo-allergenic and free of alcohol
  • Soft, gentle and effective
  • Very convenient to carry in handbag and diaper bag
  • Easy to clean baby after mealtime, playtime, while traveling or during diaper change
  • Instantly cools and cleanses baby
Product Details
Manufacturer Mee Mee
Brand Mee Mee
Target Audience Children

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