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Meenaz Gold Plated Ring  For Women Gold-FR102_17
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Meenaz Gold Plated Ring For Women Gold-FR102_17

Metal Type Gold Plated
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Overview: Meenaz Gold Plated Ring For Women Gold-FR102_17

If you are passionate for wearing rings of some precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum then you should buy Meenaz Bewichting Gold and Rhodium Plated Cz ring. Throughout the ages, women adorn gold jewelries to complete their look so that they can attract the opposite. There are different types of rings such as titanium rings, gold rings, tungsten carbide rings, stainless steel rings, silver rings, etc. Like different jewelries, rings are also available in various styles.

Types of Rings

Rings can vary from occasions to occasions such as wedding rings are different from engagement rings. In United States, the customary engagement rings are comprised of a diamond. A solitaire engagement ring is decorated with a single diamond in the center. One of the most famous styles of ring is one large diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds. Moreover, the style of trinity ring studded with three diamonds are also famous, these three stones signifies past, present and future.

Different Designs:

With so many designs available in the market and with the emerging online stores there is no other way to find the most suited ring than to shop online. Today, there is a wide variety of rings available online, such as simple round diamond ring. Simple but romantic these rings are often used as an engagement rings. Princess cut diamond rings; it is a unique combination of cut and designs. These are of various shapes such as square and rectangle cuts. Some other designs that are famous amongst women are three stone diamond rings, custom-made diamond rings, antique diamond rings, etc.

Meenaz Bewichting Gold and Rhodium Plated Cz Ring:

Meenaz gold and rhodium ring is made of alloy decorated with cubic zirconia (cz) stone. This ring is made of cad/cam design that gives look of a real diamond. To add brilliance this ring has top of the line design.

Use of Rhodium:

What is rhodium? Some people know about it and some not. It is the most expensive metal in the world. It shines very bright however; it is not used for making jewelry itself because it is extremely brittle. To give the jewelry a shinier look rhodium is used for plating metals such as silver, white gold or platinum. Rhodium also provides protection against scratches and tarnishing. Moreover, it also adds life and quality to jewelry. Rhodium plating adds luster and shine to a dull ring. Rhodium is also hypoallergenic. Sometime people become allergic to silver or white gold and they avoid wearing jewelry. However, a jewelry polished with rhodium can solve this kind of problem.

Like rhodium, gold is also used as an anti-tarnish and anti-corrosion metal. Gold makes a jewelry durable and beautiful. It is one of those metals that are used in both decoration and electroplating applications. Jewelries that are made of silver, copper, zinc or other metals are often electroplated with a thick layer of gold.

Cad/Cam Design:

Jewelries are mostly made in two traditional ways one is using by hand, saw or soldering equipments, etc and other is from computer. Most people do not know about cad/cam design. Cad is computer assisted drawing and Cam is computer-manufacturing drawing. In Cad/Cam process, a wax model of a ring is used for making a precious metal ring. This method is used by world over to produce masses of jewelries. One of the biggest advantages of using Cad/Cam is that you can customize your jewelry by telling the computer operator about the design you like.

The use of cubic zirconia (cz) stone in the ring makes the it affordable. Today, when budget is the key when buying jewelries, a ring decorated with cubic zirconia stone is worth buying. It is also easier to clean. This stone can be cleaned with a brush or one can use ultra sonic jewelry cleaner. However, protect the ring from water, chemicals, sprays and perfumes. Wipe the ring with a soft cotton cloth and pack it in an airtight box to avoid tarnish. If you want to know more about this ring then go to

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number FR102_17
Model Number FR102
Colour Gold
Metal Type Gold Plated
Stone Type Cubic Zirconia
Material Cubic Zirconia

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