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Melody Susie Curly Wig
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Melody Susie Curly Wig

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Overview: Melody Susie Curly Wig

A hairstyle or a hairdo refers to the styling of a person's hair. The fashioning of a person's hairstyle is considered an aspect of one's personal grooming routine. The oldest known hair braiding depiction goes back by around 30000 years where in ancient civilizations, a women's hair was often carefully and elaborately decked and dressed in various special ways to enhance her beauty. The way a woman does her hair speaks volumes about her and her personality. A pretty hairdo and a trendy hairstyle always adds to the look of both men and women. Both men and women take it in their stride to sport a fancy hairstyle that stands out from the rest and wish to create a fashion statement for themselves. Some, on the other hand, wish to keep their original hairstyles and opt for a change just for a certain occasion, without having to go through the ordeal of having a haircut and having to grow their hair back again. This is where wigs come in. Easy to sport and extremely stylish, wigs have become popular amongst women who wish to prevent themselves from having to always cut their hair in order to sport a new look. If you are on the lookout for that perfectly stylish wig to sport for a short duration of time then this Melody Susie Curly wig is the perfect choice for you.

Features of the Wig:

A wig is a head covering that is usually crafted from human hair, synthetic fibre or animal hair that can be worn for fashion as well as for other personal reasons that could include religious observance and cultural tradition. The word "wig" was short for the word "periwig" which made its first appearance in the English language around the year 1675. Often, people wear wigs in order to disguise baldness, it can also be used as a less expensive alternative to medical therapies that result in restoring hair. Wigs can also be used as articles of clothing and also to fulfill a religious obligation. Wigs are most popularly worn by actors and actresses in movies and theatres in order to portray a certain character and a look. This Melody Susie wig combination comes in a pack of 3 items that include a wig, a wig cap and a wig comb. The wig sports a trendy long hairstyle that is sure to grab the attention of fashion conscious girls. It is a long curly hairstyle with side bangs in the front, a popular hairstyle amongst the girls today. This wig is 100% crafted from a South Korea Matt high temperature wire that is referred to as Japanese silk. It is the best fibre yarn that comes closest to the texture of human hair possessing all the physical properties of human hair, in terms of appearance, texture and natural colour, looking as natural as real hair does. The wig design makes use of the top centre of the head in order to position the wig in correct place. The wig is 100% breathable and comfortable to wear, absorbing moisture level to keep the scalp hydrated and preventing it from becoming dry. The wig sports beautiful wavy hair with curls that women love to have, especially those with straight hair, as wavy hair with curls at the bottom give a beautiful volume to the hair, making your hair look bouncy, healthy and soft. This product also comes with a wig cap with the help of which you set the wig in place and a wig comb with the help of which you can comb the wig according to your desired. Sport this trendy and beautiful wig with confidence and comfort.

Maintaining a Wig:

It is important to look after wigs in the proper manner, in order to keep them clean and looking new for a long period of time. Wigs should never give off the idea that it is not natural hair, because of which, immense care should be taken in order to maintain wigs. The care of human or other natural hair wigs is very similar to the maintenance of real hair and can be styled, brushed and kept clean using the normal hair care products. However, this fibre is very sensitive to heat because of which it should not be styled with curly or flat irons. Wigs should be brushed dry before using shampoo so that the tangles are removed. The wig should be dipped into a container of water with mild shampoo and then dipped in clear water again. After that you should make sure to remove excess water. After washing, the wig must be air dried naturally into its original hairstyle. Keep these maintenance tips in mind if you wish to let your wig last for many years to come.

Shop online for this Melody Susie Curly wig and bring in a stylish change to your hairdo.

Features: Melody Susie Curly Wig

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Manufacturer MelodySusie
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Brand MelodySusie
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  1.  My hair grew long all of a sudden.. 27 November, 2014 On
    I have always had small my one time desire to get beautiful long hair was fulfilled beautifully by this wonderful product...thanks to the Junglee Team once again..
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