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Memory Maps for Tenses - Grammar

Memory Maps for Tenses - Grammar

Language English
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Memory Maps for Tenses - Grammar

English language is one of the most widely accepted, yet complex of all the languages. It can be confusing and difficult to learn if you don't get the basics right. Tenses are used to signify a time frame and can often be a confusing element of the language. With the help of this small handy book Memory map for Tenses-Grammar (Franklin English) paperback, mastering the queen's language would be like a cake walk. It gives the learner a practical preview on how to use simple grammar in day-to-day life. Correct usage of tenses in conversations, memory mapping with table of tenses, simple pictorial representations of tenses, different methods of using the tenses and learning the different types of tenses are some of the key components of this book. No matter what age you are, Memory Maps for Tenses is a useful reference English grammar guide.

Memory Maps for Tenses – Grammar from Franklin International offers a concise explanation of a key element of the English language i.e. Tenses. One can easily get confused when it comes to expressing a time frame in English as there are so many rules to follow. In order to communicate more confidently and fluently, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of a language. This 91-page book gives few real time examples from spoken and written English and some common mistakes committed with the help of tips and examples. The content of this book is developed by expert grammarians- Ph D Dr Anil Bapna, Ph D Prof Sharad Srivastava and M Phil Mrs. Nidhi Srivastava. A useful guide for both teachers and students, this Memory Maps for Tenses Grammar guide is a must for beginners.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2014
Binding Paperback
Page Count 91
ISBN 10 8187434376
ISBN 13 9788187434375
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