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Men's Black Slip on Shoes

Men's Black Slip on Shoes

Brand Bata India
Colour Black
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Overview: Bata India Black Shoes

The formal attire in a men's dressing has been emphasized a lot since history. In the modern day scenario as well, when there are multibillion dollar business deals being signed, you cannot leave anything to chance. The moment you walk into a meeting room, you are evaluated by your client not just by your intellectualness and intelligentsia, but also the way you dress up yourself and carry yourself. The formal attire includes your suit; tie to your watch to the tip of your attire i.e. your shoes. Your shoes should carry the debonair that your persona is; they should be shiny and made up of the best quality and also carry the fashion statement.

Product of Bata, these Black slip shoes exemplify perfectly the shoes that you need for all your official interactions and meetings. The product comes from one of the renowned brands of shoe maker i.e. Bata which has been synonymous with shoes. The color of the shoes is black which represents a color that is in sync with the formal color that one needs to wear. The product is stylish and trendy and at the same time carries the elegance that one needs to carry in a formal atmosphere. The comfort that one gets on wearing this pair is something that is unmatched by any other shoes. The sole of the shoe has a comfortable wear that makes sure you carry your comfort wherever you go with. It also helps you to cope up with the sweat during the summer times. And additionally, the shoes are a no strain on your wear because of the fact that they are very light to carry.

The shoes are available at a very affordable price and thus do not burn your pockets and give you the best return on investment. Daily use or special occasion use, the shoes are a perfect match for any kind of usability that you would want to have. The shoes are fast to wear thus saving you from any wastage of time and leaving you time to do any other work that might be on your mind. So now if you are not able to resist, log on to and order a pair for yourself so that you are not kept devoid of the immaculate wearing experience of your shoes. Online shopping with us will give you a hassle free experience and let you do shopping without venturing out into scorching heat and lengthy traffic jams.

About the company

Bata is a family owned global wear and is synonymous with trust and quality when it comes to footwear. Bata, the name itself, exudes confidence in their products and the trust is perfectly catered to by the company that believes on enhancing customer experience every single time.

You can buy this product exclusively from at a very attractive price. So what are you waiting for? Act now by going through the details and hit that 'Buy' button.

Product Details
Brand Bata India
Model Number 8556205
Colour Black

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  1.  Great office wear 18 January, 2014 On
    Size Name: 7
    - It is very sturdy and stylish look.
    - The comfort that you get on wearing this is just unparalleled.
    - The cushion effect that we get on wearing this makes you leg comfortable.
    - These shoes are very light.
    - This is definitely a value for money and a good buy.
    - I have been using this product for the past 6 months and very comfortable on the way to office.
    - I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the shoes for daily office use.
    - This also saves time to wear .
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