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Merlin Selfie Stick Premium - Control your phones camera from a distance
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Merlin Selfie Stick Premium - Control your phones camera from a distance

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Product Description

It has happened several times that you wanted to take that perfect selfie but you just cannot get the angles right? If so, thisMerlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium is just the perfect gadget for you. With this gadget you can attach your mobile phone and take pictures from a distance at your convenience. Taking selfies will never be the same again with this selfie stick from the house ofMerlin Digital. So why wait?Shop Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium online without any second thoughts.


TheMerlin Digital Selfie StickPremium is a transformable stick whose length can be adjusted to your requirements which is quite convenient while taking out selfies. It measures 33 centimetres when contracted and 75.5 centimetres when expanded. This length gives you more than enough distance an angle to not only include yourself but all your loved ones as well in your selfie. The convenient part is that once you are done with it you can simply contract it back and fit it perfectly inside your bag. It has a holder that is designed for your phone which supports almost all models and brands.

With this Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium you get a compact sized remote which has a button that clicks pictures remotely on your mobile phone. The remote is small and compact and can be fitted easily into your pocket without taking up much space. The Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium works on Bluetooth technology and needs to be paired with your mobile phone before it can be utilized. Once paired you can simply hit the button on the remote and start clicking some amazing selfies at your convenience. The Bluetooth works on a 2.4 GHz ISM band which is quite impressive and trustworthy when it comes to clicking pictures. This is one product that should not be missed out if you love taking selfies.

The Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium is powered by a CR2016 battery which once charge can be used multiple times and under normal circumstances will give you the best of performances for upto 2 years. This stick comes in stylish black coating which makes it look very attractive and the quality of the make is very impressive.

The Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium merely weighs about 170 grams which also adds to the convenience. The lightweight of this gadget makes it easy and convenient for you to carry it around wherever you go and fit it in your bag without adding much strain on your shoulders.

This product is made from the finest quality plastic and steel which makes it very durable and as such it can last for a very long time if proper care is taken.

Care and Maintenance

The Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium is sturdy made and as such it very durable. However if certain steps and precautions are taken then you will get the best of experience that Merlin Digital has to offer.

First and foremost it is important to keep this product clean on a regular basis. Dust is one of the major causes of damage in electronic devices and this Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium is no exception. Hence it is important to keep it clean. It is also important to be careful while expanding and contracting the stick and not to apply excessive force as this might result in some interior parts to break or get damaged. Last but not the least it is important to keep this gadget away from water as this may hamper with the electronic parts inside the remote and may cause for it to stop functioning.

So now that you have heard all about the Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium what are you still waiting for?Buy Merlin Digital Selfie Stick Premium onlineand start clicking the best selfies ever!

Key Points:

Convenient adjustable size which can be fitted in your bag

Lightweight and does not add much strain on your shoulders

Works on Bluetooth technology

Made from superior quality plastic for a long lasting performance

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number MERLIN-SELFIE2

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