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Toy Story 3 (PC)

Toy Story 3 (PC)

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Product Description

Toy Story 3 (PC) is published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Avalanche Software (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, Mac OS X), Asobo Studio (PS2, PSP) and n-Space (DS). This game is inspired by the movie Toy Story 3 which was a big hit. The main characters are Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie and you can choose any of the characters to play the game. Disney's Toy Story 3 gameplay mainly consists of two modes namely; Story and Toybox. While Story mode consists of 9 levels sequentially based on the movie; Toybox or Woody's Roundup allows you to customise levels and create inhabitants and missions. The players can also earn money and unlock new levels to explore the city further.

Toy Story 3 by Pixar has a world wide appeal, with its audience totally glued into these imaginative worlds from the movie. This PC game version of Toy Story 3 has been totally successful in replicating those same attributes from the movie. A constant urge to conquer, colourful visuals, bountiful rewards and surprises while unlocking each level, makes the game all the more interesting. One of the key attributes of this game is the deft introduction of gameplay mechanics at every stage. Toy story 3 (PC) is a virtual tour of quests that's worth experiencing with levels like Locomotives or Train Chase, Witch Way Out or Bonnie's House, Hide and Sneak i.e Prison Break, Muffin to Fear i.e the Haunted Bakery and more.

Product Features

  • Title : Toy Story 3
  • Platform : PC Game
  • Gener : Action
  • Publisher : Disney

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Overall Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars
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