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Microtek 800VA UPS-Black

Microtek 800VA UPS-Black

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About Microtek 800VA UPS

Do you often wonder if you should give-in to the urge to opt for a UPS for your computer? The truth remains that it is always recommended to safeguard your computer with a UPS. It not only saves the device but also protects the operating device from getting corrupt at an event of a power cut. It keeps the hard disk safe from any danger. Microtek International Pvt. Ltd. is the largest power products manufacturing company in India with products like line Interactive UPS, Online UPS and digital inverters. So when you have any doubts about the best UPS in India, you can blindly opt for Microtek 800VA.

Unexpected power cuts can damage the mother board or spoil the hard disk. Shield the computer with Microtek 800VA UPS and guard it from unexpected mishaps. It is small and rectangular in shape and can be easily placed near the computer. It is not very heavy but its structure and design is such that it hardly occupies any space. It is a double battery UPS that provides protection during voltage fluctuations and assures a back up of approximate 25-50 minutes. You get more than half an hour to save your files on the computer and log out from your email account.

Microtek 800VA also provides for pulse to pulse electronic active protection. The Microtek 800VA UPS has a wide input voltage range of 100 V to 300 V and a normal input voltage range of 180 V to 260 V. The Microtek 800VA UPS has an additional feature of ‘Auto Reset’ and comes with a 2 year manufacturers’ guarantee. So provide some emergency power boosters to your home or office computers, from unexpected power cuts, with Microtek 800VA UPS .You can find UPS online in India on Junglee and comparing prices and deals offered by other sellers before buying it online.

Product Description

Salient Features

Extended Input Voltage Range of 145~300 volts. These UPS are capable of correcting the voltage to 230 volts ± 9% when they find low voltages around 150 and high voltage around 290. The added advantage is that unlike other batteries they do not automatically switch to Battery Backup Mode. Capacity is 12V, 7.2AH x2 and lasts for 25 to 50 minutes or thereabouts.

Smart Boost function for Low Input Voltage

The internal battery capacity remains at the same level if the mail voltage drops. The Smart Boost is there to take the voltage back to its normal range.

Smart Buck function for High Input Voltage

Smart Buck or AVR replicates the action of Smart Boost in the reverse. If the mail voltage is detected to be high, the AVR reduces the voltage and brings it back to the normal range. Its range is 135 to 300V AC.

Over Voltage Protection

When a high voltage is found in the main supply, the UPS starts its internal battery and enables backup mode.

Over Load / Short Circuit Protection

If backup mode itself experiences excessive overload or if a short-circuit is created, the protection mode is activated. There will be no output until normalcy is restored.

Battery Deep Discharge / Over Charge Protection

An electronic protection circuit is in place in the UPS which acts curbs deep or over charging of the batteries.

Warranty covers UPS electronics for 2 years and battery for 1 year.

Product Features

  • 800 VA (Double battery)
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Back up 25-50min (Approx)
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Fuse Protection / Pulse to Pulse Electronic active Protection
Product Details
Manufacturer Microtek
Manufacturer Part Number MDP800
Brand Microtek
Model Number 800VA
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 30 cm x 17 cm x 12.5 cm

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