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Millman's Integrated Electronics

Millman's Integrated Electronics

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Millman?s Integrated Electronics brings in state-of-the-art information about electronic circuits and technology. Enriched with new, up-to-date topical coverage and enhanced pedagogy including circuit-simulation problems, this classic book offers an enlightening experience to the readers. Table Of Contents: 1. Energy Bands in Solids 2. Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors3. Junction-Diode characteristics4. Diode circuits5. Transistor characteristics6. Digital circuits 7. Integrated Circuits: Fabrication and Characteristics 8. The Transistor at low frequencies9. Transistor biasing and Thermal stabilization10. Field Effect Transistor11. The Transistor at High Frequencies12. Multistage Amplifiers13. Feedback Amplifiers14. Stability and Oscillators15. Operational Amplifiers16. Integrated Circuits as Analog System Building Blocks17. Integrated Circuits as Digital System Building Blocks18. Power Circuits and Systems19. Semiconductor-Device Phys ... See more
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