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Milton Hot Meal Stainless Steel Tiffin

Milton Hot Meal Stainless Steel Tiffin

Model Number Hot Meal
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Overview: Milton Hot Meal Stainless Steel Tiffin

A stainless steel tiffin case will keep your food hot and you will be able to have warm food whenever you feel like. The stainless steel tiffin case from Milton is a well insulated tiffin carrier that will make sure that whatever food you carry will remain hot after hours and you will be able to enjoy your food during the lunch break. The Milton tiffin case is the perfect companion for working people and also school students. It comes in a stainless steel body with a brushed silver finish and looks good as well. The vacuum created inside the tiffin carrier will ensure that no air passes out of the carrier and thus your food will remain hot. Underneath the outer case, you will find the main Tiffin carrier. This carrier has 4 compartments or containers and you will be able to carry four different dishes in the container and all of them will remain soft and fresh all day long. The Milton tiffin case also comes with a cloth bag that will make it easy for you to carry it along with you wherever you go. So why wait anymore? Shop for the Milton Hot Meal Stainless Steel Tiffin online today and enjoy your meal.

Design and Convenience

The major advantage of a tiffin case is that it will let you carry different food items or dishes in various containers. This way you will be able to have homemade food even at the office. Since it is not very healthy to eat restaurant food and street food on a daily basis, it does become necessary to carry your own food. Street and restaurant food are often made in an unhygienic way and they can lead to a number of diseases. Thus for people who cannot have lunch at home, a tiffin case becomes a necessity. The Milton Hot Meal is designed to provide you with hot food during your lunch hours. It has an insulated outer body and an inner Tiffin container that is made of steel. Steel keeps the food hot and fresh and the outer body of the tiffin case makes sure that the hot vapours do not evaporate. The major problem with standard tiffin cases that do not have an outer cover is that the food does not remain as hot as it is supposed to stay. Rotis often become tough and the curries and the veggies get cold. The Milton Tiffin case contains the tough outer case which ensures that the hot air does not flow out of the container and that the food remains hot for long. Even if the food is cooked in the morning and your lunch hour is still about 5-6 hours away, you can be rest assured that you will be able to enjoy a hot and fresh meal. The inner tiffin case of the Milton Hot Meal is made of stainless steel and it has four compartments. Thus you will be able to carry your rotis in one container, tarka or daal in one container, veggies in one container and your sweets in one container. The four containers are held in place by two stands and the entire tiffin is put inside the outer body of the tiffin case. The outer body has a sturdy plastic cover on top of a stainless steel cylinder like container. The cover of the container is airtight and thus no air will escape from the tiffin case. The Milton Hotmeal Tiffin case comes with a bag that will hold the tiffin carrier in place and you will be able to carry it along with you to your workplace or even to school. This makes the product a perfect one for wives and mothers who are worried about the health of their husbands and children. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Milton HotMeal stainless steel tiffin case online now.

Key Highlights

4 containers made of sturdy stainless steel

Sturdy outer body with an air tight plastic cover

Comes with a strong bag which makes it easy to carry along

Milton warranty provided which is valid from the date of purchase

Carry four different dishes in one tiffin case and have hot and fresh food during anytime of the day

Product Details
Manufacturer Milton
Model Number Hot Meal

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