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Milton Imperial Pink And White Casserole Set 3 Pieces (Capacity 500 ML;850 ML;1000 ML)

Milton Imperial Pink And White Casserole Set 3 Pieces (Capacity 500 ML;850 ML;1000 ML)

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Product Description

Cooking is an art and there are many people who love to prepare different types of dishes. But you will enjoy  cooking only when you have proper utensils to keep the dishes fresh so that you relish your meals. So, if you are on the lookout for a useful type of casserole that is made of durable materials then you should look no further but try this elegantly designed Milton Imperial Pink And White Casserole.


This utensil is made of fine quality materials to make sure that the casserole is of excellent quality. The materials are treated differently with the implementation of advanced techniques in order to make it tough so that it is able to withstand normal usage. The casserole has a plastic covering outside so that it is easy and convenient to handle this utensil. This casserole has an insulated coating inside that helps you keep the dishes warm and fresh so that even if you are late in having your meal you will enjoy your food. The cookware is designed in such a manner that you can handle the set with ease even if the food is still hot.

Design & Style:

This Milton Casserole set comes in three pieces each having different capacity such as 500 ml, 850 ml and 1000 ml. So, you can easily use these containers to store different dishes with different volumes. These casseroles are available in an excellent colour combination of pink and white colours that make the cookware appear attractive and appealing. This cookware set sports an abstract design and there are no sharp edges that might hurt you. This casserole set is designed in such a manner that it comes with handles so that you are able to use the cookware with ease.

How is this Casserole set useful?

This casserole set is highly functional in nature. It helps you keep all types of dishes, fresh and healthy. This cookware set is made of non-toxic and food grade plastic materials so that it does not react with the food that you keep in these containers. This utensil is BPA free so you can be worry free about the fact that it will not let any phthalate mix with the food. Since the containers feature stylish and sleek exteriors therefore, this casserole set serves excellent tableware. We always prefer having warm food especially in the winter season so you can be worry free about the fact that the food remains hot and it will be in good condition for long time. These casseroles have a trendy look so you can easily use them to serve food when guests visit your place. This cookware is designed in such a manner that you keep a lot of food.

This cookware set comes in three pieces so you use them to put different dishes. They can be used to keep dishes like rotis, rice, pulses, meat and fish curry, fried rice, noodles, etc. These containers find their great purpose at homes, flats, apartments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and PGs. Whether you are staying in a joint family or a nuclear family, this cookware set will serve you great purpose. Apart from buying casserole for personal use, it can be an excellent birthday, anniversary or wedding gift to a friend, a mother or a mother-in-law.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want your family to have fresh and healthy food, then you should buy Milton Imperial Casserole online. So, you can save your time if you make the purchase from the comfort of your home or while working in office. But it is important that you take proper care of these casseroles if you want them to last for years to come. This casserole set is very easy and convenient to maintain because of their unique design. It is advisable that you use a soft cotton cloth and mild detergent for cleaning these containers. Wire mesh should not be used for cleaning these containers otherwise there will be scrapes. It is advisable that you wash these containers immediately after you use.

Key Highlight:

Made of durable materials

Stylish in appearance

Keeps the food warm and fresh

Comes in pink and white combination

3 Pieces

Capacity: 500 ml, 850 ml, 1000 ml

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