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Milton Nova 3Pcs Hard Coat Induction Cookware

Milton Nova 3Pcs Hard Coat Induction Cookware

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Overview: Milton Nova 3Pcs Hard Coat Induction Cookware

Cooking with a proper set of cookware is as essential and necessary as the act of cooking itself. This is because the right utensils ensure that you can cook in a hassle free and safe manner and that any dish that you prepare is healthy and delicious. So, before selecting a set of cooking utensils, there are a few of questions that need to be addressed. Firstly, is it exactly the cookware set that you are looking for? Secondly, is this cookware set going to save you time? Therefore, if you are looking for a cookware set that is going to add style to your kitchen and is also utilitarian, your search ends here, as now you can own the Milton Nova 3Pcs Hard Coat Induction Cookware very easily. This cookware set meets all your demands and the necessities of cooking a healthy meal. One of the most renowned crockery brands, Milton, brings to you this exclusive cookware set that is very high on usability and style. This set will definitely make your cooking process much simpler and your food will also taste delicious. So before you go ahead and purchase this cookware set, take a brief look at the product features.

Why should you choose this Milton cookware set?

There are a number of benefits that comes with this exceptional Milton cookware set and it is a must have in every kitchen. Here, it is important to remember that obesity is one of top killers and it is a concern for many among today's generation. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the food that usually retains oil should be avoided. However, it is not always possible with home cooked food. This is where this non-stick, three piece cookware set comes to aid and it also avoids retention of oil. So, this should be the primary reason why you should choose this cookware set over any other. Items like oil and butter retain a lot of cholesterol and it is not unknown that just one cup oil contains 1909 calories just like one cup of unsalted butter has 1628 calories. This is very harmful for the system. However, this three piece, cookware set helps you cut down on such excess and unnecessary calorie intake by making sure that your food gets prepared in a proper and healthy manner with the help of much less butter, oil or cheese. The specially designed non-stick surface of this three piece cookware set hardly requires any oil. This cookware set works differently than your traditional cookware sets. One usually tends to use a lot of oil to make sure that the food item that is being prepared does not stick to the surface of the cookware. With this cookware set, you do not have to worry about that and preparing food is much easy and mess free. All the three pieces of this cookware set comes with a ceramic coating. This set contains a total of three utensils and each having a specific purpose.

This set includes one kadai, one tadka pan, and one fry pan. Each utensil is made from premium quality stainless steel and that ensures reliability of the product. Each of these three utensils comes in dark green colour with floral pattern on one side. This particular aspect complements the classic black handles of the pots and the frying pans. The frying pan is meant for cooking all the crispy items like fries that you want to prepare for your family or guests for a Sunday evening party. The tadka pan is for recipes that call for sauces or gravy and the casserole type utensil is for boiling rice or pasta. This cooking set will also help you to master a number of savoury and sweet dishes in the comforts of your kitchen. This set also extremely sturdy and durable. Even if you overcook anything in any of the three utensils, the coating will always stay intact. Each of the utensils comes with ergonomic designed handles that eliminates the chances of any kind of accidents and also allows you to hold them in a proper manner. You can use a wooden spatula or spoon while cooking dishes. This cookware set is also ideal for your induction oven. The overall look of this cookware is aesthetically very appealing and is a great add to your kitchen.

Maintenance and care

Like every other kitchen utensil, it is very important to take proper care of this cookware set so that they can serve you for a longer time. After you finish cooking, always wash the utensils with mild and warm liquid detergent soap and a sponge. You need to put a little bit of the liquid detergent on the sponge, lather it with water and then gently clean the handle and the cooking plate to render it free from spots and harsh oil stains. Don't ever use harsh detergent, abrasive scrubber or metal wool as it might damage the non-stick coating of the utensils. Hang it in the shade to air-dry it. This product is now available on the internet, so now you can buy Milton Nova 3Pcs Hard Coat Induction Cookware online, without any delay and get it delivered to your home.

About Milton

Milton is an eminent brand and is renowned for premium quality kitchen utensils. With more than thirty years of experience, Milton understands your requirement to cook a variety of dishes and also keep your food warm. It is known globally for the quality of cookware it produces. They have a wide variety of products and the brand is also one of the leading cookware providers in the restaurant industry. The name Milton is enough by itself to instill trust in future customers and also ensure quality.

Key Highlights

Number of utensils is 3

One kadai, one tadka pan, one fryingpan

Bright green colour with floral design

Hard anodised

Non-stick induction cookware

Ergonomic designed handles

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy to store

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