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Mini Bluetooth V2.0 Headset GSM Mobile Phone

Mini Bluetooth V2.0 Headset GSM Mobile Phone

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Product Description

The mobile telephony market is growing by the day. More and more people are becoming mobile phone users every year. Mobile phones have become so popular that today, there is hardly any region or area where mobile service is not available. This popularity is because of the several benefits that a mobile phone provides. Till a few decades ago, postal mail and fixed landlines were the only ways in which communication could happen between people in distant locations. But today, with mobile phones you can reach anyone anytime. You can call or text your contacts from wherever you are. If you are using a smartphone, you have more options as there are several platforms for communication in case of a smartphone. However, one disadvantage of this increased accessibility is that people can call you anytime. This becomes a problem, especially when you are driving. It is difficult to take calls when you are driving. Plus, it would be violation of traffic rules. So if you are wondering what can be done in this case, take a look at this interesting product that can easily solve your problem.

This mini Bluetooth V2.0 headset is a must have for those who need to be on calls all the time. You can use this device to take calls when you are driving or doing anything that demands your attention at the moment. With this handsfree device, you can attend to calls whenever you want to. This mini Bluetooth set comes with a handset that can also function as a mobile phone when a SIM card is inserted in it. So you can use the headset as a Bluetooth device and the handset as a mobile phone. This product supports Bluetooth music play, which means you can pair it with a number of Bluetooth enabled music systems and play your favourite songs easily. If your car has Bluetooth enabled in it, you can connect this device and listen to your favourite songs as you drive to and back from work. The Bluetooth handset can be used as a Bluetooth dialler. You can also pair it with other Bluetooth enabled phones and share music and contacts. This device has a 0.7" screen and the handset comes in a beautiful white colour. It has an exterior made of high grade plastic which ensures durability. It uses a 300mAh battery which is interchangeable and offers a standby time of 120 hours and a talk time of 6 hours. It has a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, which allows you to pair the device with even devices that are a little far off.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Tiny Deal, which specialises in electronic items and mobile accessories. The other products by this brand include facial massagers, wireless optical mouse, micro SD cards, MP3 players, karaoke microphones, music receivers, alarm clocks, water testers, reading lights LCD touch screen digitizers etc.

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Product Features

  • Supports Bluetooth music play
  • Insert SIM card, it works as a mobile phone
  • It is a Bluetooth dialer, can be paired with Bluetooth-enabled phones, make phone calls and copy the phone book
Product Details
Manufacturer HKASIA
Brand Tiny Deal
Model Number FT13396

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